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19.09.2019 Story

Virtual Seat Buck: Hyundai to use virtual technology in designing cars

Over time, cars have become far more than just a means of transportation. They are increasingly becoming extensions of our living spaces, like a second home.

27.09.2018 Story

How concept cars are designed

At this year’s Paris Motor Show, Hyundai Motor will showcase its Le Fil Rouge concept. The journey from a designer’s sketch to the motor show stage can be long. Here’s how concept cars are designed.

24.08.2018 Story

Unique installation celebrates Hyundai’s ‘Sensuous Sportiness’ design

Celebrating the Le Fil Rouge concept car's fusion of design and technology, Hyundai and design bible Wallpaper* have collaborated with artist Moritz Waldemeyer to create a unique light installation.

14.05.2018 Story

5 cool things about Hyundai’s Le Fil Rouge concept car

It was billed as Hyundai Motor’s ‘big surprise’ at this year’s Geneva Motor Show, and the automaker didn’t disappoint with its stunning Le Fil Rouge concept car.

15.03.2018 Story

GMS 2018: 10 best press reactions to Le Fil Rouge

The 2018 Geneva Motor Show saw Hyundai Motor unveil a series of new models, including the warmly-received futuristic concept, Le Fil Rouge. Here’s what the press have had to say about it.


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