Hyundai KONA N press kit

28.07.2021 Press information

All-new KONA N

Deemed a ‘hot SUV’, the look of the all-new KONA N clearly illustrates a powerful presence and driving fun.

27.04.2021 Press information

A true ‘hot SUV’: Hyundai Motor reveals all-new KONA N

Hyundai Motor has unveiled the all-new KONA N, an urban compact high-performance ‘hot SUV’ that combines exhilarating performance with a balanced day-to-day driving experience.


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Hyundai KONA N | Driving experience

Hyundai N in Europe | Episode 7: Test drive KONA N

Hyundai N in Europe | Episode 6: Product highlights KONA N

Hyundai KONA N | Highlights | HD

Hyundai KONA N | Footage | HD

Hyundai KONA N | Highlights | 4k

Hyundai KONA N | Footage | 4k

Hyundai N in Europe | Episode 1

Hyundai N in Europe | Footage


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