01.11.2023 Press release

Hyundai Motor Highlights the Power of Pixels in Design Campaign about EV Signature Lighting

  • This unconventional and creative film celebrates Hyundai Motor’s innovative use of parametric pixel lights as a design signature of its award-winning EVs
  • In the film, a seamless fusion unfolds between human artistry and technological innovation as dancers gracefully navigate through the annals of pixel history
  • This immersive visual journey shows how pixels connect the past, present and future as a common thread, which is integral to Hyundai’s EV design philosophy

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Hyundai Motor Company today debuted a design film, ‘Pixel by Pixel,’ as part of an online campaign that showcases the signature Parametric Pixel of its acclaimed EV lineup in a witty, unconventional and powerful way.

The ‘Pixel by Pixel’ design campaign started on October 31 with the release of teaser images on Hyundai Motor’s worldwide social media channels. The film released today takes inspiration from the unique history of the pixel as a common thread linking the past (analog), present and future (digital) eras. As such, the pixel represents Hyundai Motor’s EV design philosophy: to conceive future vehicles by taking inspiration from the company’s heritage.

To become an ICON in the EV era, we wanted to visualize this monumental shift and how it implied the IONIQ's iconic designs. I believe the pixels inspired by Hangul* have embedded our creative spirit and provide a common thread that connects the past, present & future as a symbol for all generations.

SangYup Lee Executive Vice President and Head of Hyundai & Genesis Global Design

Hyundai Motor first showed the Parametric Pixel design on its ‘45’ concept EV model, the predecessor and inspiration for IONIQ 5, at the 2019 Frankfurt International Motor Show (IAA), becoming the first automotive brand to implement the pixel light as part of a consistent design language on its EVs. The ‘Pixel by Pixel’ campaign celebrates that innovation.

Parametric Pixels represent the visual identity of all Hyundai EVs. They are integrated on both the front and rear of IONIQ 5 and IONIQ 6, back-to-back triple winners of the World Car, World Electric Vehicle and World Car Design of the Year awards. The front pixelated lights provide an unmistakable design signature unique to its EV lineup. These small cubic light clusters also appear at the rear of the vehicle and inside the charging door to illuminate the amount of charge and the charging status.

Pixel connects the past, present and future as a common thread

We can say that the power of the pixel represents our brand vision – Progress for Humanity – as we are envisioning the future mobilities by taking a meaningful inspiration from our past and heritage. We’re excited to showcase how the pixel connects the era and humanity, and how it has become a core tenet of our visual identity via 'Pixel by Pixel' film based on the entertaining and unconventional creative work targeting Gen Z.

Sungwon Jee Senior Vice President and Global Chief Marketing Officer, Hyundai Motor Company

Telling the story of pixels through dance

The ‘Pixel by Pixel’ film revolves around a choreographed performance in which each dancer symbolizes an individual pixel, characterized by an LED cube atop their head. Throughout the film, a seamless fusion unfolds between human artistry and technological innovation as the dancers gracefully navigate through the annals of pixel history to skillfully transport the viewer on a journey back in time, unveiling some of the most iconic moments in the evolution of the pixel.

Hyundai Parametric Pixel | Pixel by Pixel

In a mesmerizing display based on the Trichromatic (RGB) Color Theory, three pixel dancers wearing red, green and blue LED cubes showcase their unique choreography. As the red and green dancers harmonize their movements, a vibrant yellowish light emanates, creating a stunning backdrop on a LED screen. The arrival of the blue dancer and their ensuing collision result in the remarkable formation of a single white cube.

‘Pixel by Pixel’ conveys the message that the collective power of multiple pixels not only yields a spectrum of fresh colors but also generates a more potent force, illuminating an even brighter path ahead. This immersive visual journey resonates deeply with the campaign’s central message: ‘A pixel alone can only blink, but more pixels together can create something bigger.’

* The Korean alphabet


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