01.12.2016 Press release

Outstanding performance: IONIQ named Car of the Year 2017 in Norway

  • All-New IONIQ – the first car with the choice between three electrified powertrains – beats 31 competitors with the most complete package, performing excellently on all test criteria
  • The IONIQ Hybrid impresses with class-leading fuel efficiency and low CO2 emissions of just 79 g/km, while the all-electric version can travel up to 280 km on a single charge
  • All IONIQs offer an industry-leading warranty package and award-winning design, together with an attractive driving experience, state-of-the-art connectivity and advanced active safety features

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Hyundai’s All-New IONIQ has won Norway’s Car of the Year Award 2017. Dinside, Norway’s largest consumer information service, favoured the IONIQ from a line-up of 31 cars.
Among the competitors were the current Mercedes E-Class and the Volvo V90. The jury based its decision on a wide range of criteria, including impact on the environment, active and passive safety, design, driving characteristics and suitability for daily use as well as cost effectiveness and reliability. Crucial for the final decision was also a reader’s poll conducted by Autofil, a Norwegian car magazine.
It will take a long time before we see a comparable car that can offer so much at such a reasonable price. The IONIQ is easy and comfortable to drive and has everything in terms of active and passive safety systems. Add in the 5-year warranty with unlimited mileage and we understand clearly that Hyundai Motor takes its customers seriously.

Espen Stensrud Jury Foreman and Editor of Autofil

The world’s first car with three electrified powertrains outperforms competition

The IONIQ gained the highest marks among the ten finalists, including everything from conventional petrol and diesel driven cars to hybrids, plug-in hybrids and fuel-cell vehicles as well as all-electric cars. According to the jury, the IONIQ outperformed competitors on all test criteria and offers excellent cost effectiveness in line with Hyundai Motor’s strategy of democratising technology. IONIQ is the world’s first car which gives customers the choice between three electrified powertrain models: hybrid, electric and plug-in hybrid. The IONIQ Hybrid and the IONIQ Electric are now on sale throughout Europe. The IONIQ Plug-in will be introduced in 2017.
Our conviction that the IONIQ is the best-value eco-car in Europe has now been confirmed by winning Norway’s Car of the Year Award 2017. The IONIQ line-up offers the best warranty and a great driving range and is fully equipped at a very competitive price – all with no compromise on design, driving pleasure or new connectivity features.

Thomas A. Schmid Chief Operating Officer at Hyundai Motor Europe

A born winner thanks to uncompromising efficiency

Among the technical highlights which helped it win out over its competitors are the IONIQ Hybrid’s class-leading fuel efficiency and low CO2 emissions of just 79 g/km (1.6 GDi / 1.56 kWh Battery: Fuel consumption combined: 3.9 - 3.4 l/100 km; urban: 3.9 - 3.4 l/100 km; extra-urban: 3.9 - 3.6 l/100 km; CO2 emissions combined: 92 - 79 g/km), while the IONIQ Electric can go up to 280 km (28 kWh Battery: Battery efficiency: 11.5 kWh/100 km; CO2 emissions: 0 g/km) on a single charge for customers seeking a zero-emission car with a practical range of travel.
The Hybrid's six-speed double-clutch transmission provides direct driver engagement, while offering comfortable and efficient driving in automatic mode. The car's lightweight structure, multilink rear suspension (IONIQ Hybrid) and intelligent powertrain layout also contribute to the driving experience.

State-of-the-art infotainment and superior active safety

IONIQ also delivers smart infotainment features such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for seamless smartphone connectivity and wireless inductive charging for compatible devices. LIVE services provide useful information on an eight-inch display, including a new audiovisual navigation system.
Besides superior passive safety thanks to a rigid body featuring 53% Advanced High Strength Steel, the IONIQ features a long list of active safety features in all versions, including Autonomous Emergency Braking with pedestrian detection, Lane Departure Warning, Lane Keeping Assist and Smart Cruise Control.

Award-winning design and industry-leading warranty

The coupé-like silhouette of the IONIQ not only catches the eye, it also helps to achieve a class-leading drag coefficient of just 0.24 Cd, while offering a spacious interior and generous storage space. Recognised for its athletic design the IONIQ was named a winner of the 2016 Red Dot design award.
To its industry-leading Five Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty, Hyundai Motor adds an eight-year, 200,000-kilometre warranty on the IONIQ’s high-voltage battery. Together with a comprehensive list of standard features and its competitive price, the IONIQ provides unique value among alternative-powertrain cars.
Over 40% of new car sales in Norway involve vehicles with electric powertrains. This award and the fact that we have sold more than 1,500 IONIQs this autumn alone confirms that we are very competitive in this market.

Thomas Rosvold General Manager at Hyundai Motor Norway

Consumption Data

IONIQ Electric

28 kWh Battery: Battery efficiency: 11.5 kWh/100 km; CO2 emissions: 0 g/km

IONIQ Hybrid*

1.6 GDi / 1.56 kWh Battery: Fuel consumption combined: 3.9 - 3.4 l/100 km; urban: 3.9 - 3.4 l/100 km;
extra-urban: 3.9 - 3.6 l/100 km; CO2 emissions combined: 92 - 79 g/km

IONIQ Plug-in**

1.6 GDi / 8.9 kWh Battery: Fuel consumption combined: 1.1 l/100 km; Battery efficiency: 9.4 kWh/100 km; CO2 emissions combined: 26 g/km
*Depending on trim and tire specifications.
** Values are tentative and not homologated yet, hence subject to changes.


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