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27.01.2020 Press release

Hyundai reveals its Big Game commercial, “Smaht Pahk”

Parking in a crowded city was “wicked hahd”… until now.

17.04.2018 Press release

New design and convenience features for Hyundai H-1

Hyundai has enhanced the H-1 multi-purpose vehicle range, with new design and improved convenience features to add driving comfort for the customers.

13.02.2018 Press release

5 things that make the IONIQ Electric so eco-friendly

Hyundai’s IONIQ range has been racking up awards since it launched and the electric version recently won two more prestigious gongs. Find out why the IONIQ Electric is so environmentally friendly.

20.12.2017 Press release

How to drive safely while travelling on the road at Christmas

Christmas is a wonderful time of year, but it also brings changing weather conditions and busier roads. It’s important to take extra precautions while driving to visit far-flung family and friends.

06.10.2017 Press release

"Eco cars and other mobility solutions are becoming more important"

Frank Meijer is Head of Eco Car and Mobility at Hyundai Motor Europe. In 2013 he helped launch the ix35 Fuel Cell in Europe, and now he is preparing for the brand’s next step in this exciting field.

27.06.2017 Press release

LED is now: the advantages of car light technology

LED headlights provide a better range of vision and can save drivers money over the lifetime of a car. So, it's no wonder they are becoming increasingly visible, in every sense, on our roads.

05.06.2017 Press release

How the IONIQ and ix35 Fuel Cell contribute to World Environment Day

Monday 5 June is World Environment Day, which encourages worldwide awareness and action to protect the world’s environment. With 14 eco cars due to launch by 2020, Hyundai Motor is doing its part too.

09.05.2017 Press release

Reinventing the wheel: the technology of car tyres

Tyre technology has come a long way since metal bands were bolted to wooden wheels. Nowadays, they are a vital component of high-performance sports cars and your family SUV alike.

04.05.2017 Press release

Hyundai H350: the highest test drive

After being unveiled at last year’s Hanover Motor Show, the New H350 is now demonstrating its competitiveness across the world and was recently tested in extreme conditions in Peru.

02.05.2017 Press release

Hail, rain or shine - Hyundai Motor's extreme weather testing

From arctic lakes to desert sands, Hyundai Motor uses extreme weather conditions to test its cars and ensure they are ready for the road.