13.06.2017 Press release

Live blog: World Premiere of the Hyundai KONA

5.00 PM

Benvenuti a Milano! We’re in Milan, the capital of fashion, design, and style, and the home city of Hyundai Motor Company Italy for the official launch of the Hyundai KONA. This brand new true SUV represents the next step for Hyundai Motor Europe towards its goal of becoming the leading Asian automotive brand in Europe by 2021 with the launch of 30 new models and derivatives.

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Welcome LIVE to Milan for the World Premiere of the Hyundai KONA, the newest member of Hyundai’s SUV family. Check back throughout the day for updates, exclusive images and the Hyundai livestreams.
Journalists and media personnel have been flying in to Italy from all over Europe but this is a car launch with a difference. Guests will arrive at a unique outdoor courtyard setting where the Hyundai KONA takes pride of place. Did you know that the name is derived from the Kona district on the Big Island of Hawaii? The island’s energetic image and unique lifestyle match the KONA’s dynamic character.
“You drive it. You define it” is the slogan for the KONA, a true lifestyle vehicle. The downtown Milan setting is the perfect location for this event as the KONA’s design and engineering are based on the active lifestyle of the young urbanite.

7:00 PM Creative, successful & self-defined: the KONA Gang

The doors open at 7:00pm and more than 400 guests are now making their way into this special venue.

For the launch of the All-New KONA, Hyundai Motor is collaborating with a group of five entrepreneurs who choose their own path for success, the drivers of their own lives. Click here to meet the fashion bloggers, musicians, and designers of the KONA Gang.

The live streaming of the KONA World Premiere begins at 8:00 pm CEST. Before and after the unveiling, viewers can look behind the scenes and watch interviews with the KONA Gang on https://www.facebook.com/www.Hyundai.News/

Guests continue to arrive at the KONA World by Hyundai brand experience where they can meet the KONA Gang, and KONA experts as we build to the official premiere.

In the meantime, we caught up with David Fitzpatrick, Director PR & Brand Experience, Hyundai Motor Europe to discuss the All New KONA.

7.30 PM

We've also spoken to Thomas Schmid, Hyundai Motor Europe COO. He's given some insights about what the All New KONA means for Hyundai.

8:00 PM

The event now moves to the indoor setting, a nightclub/gallery-like space surrounded by digital screen displays. Moderator Claudia Bechstein welcomes guests to the Hyundai KONA World Premiere as captivating footage of Milan by night plays on the specially-built video walls.

Andrea Crespi, Managing Director HMC Italy, takes to the stage and explains how the Hyundai brand is very strong in Italy, especially SUVs which are very popular among Italian customers, especially for design. “We are very excited to launch the next SUV – our KONA to attract more and young people to our brand,” he says.

Hyundai Motor COO Thomas Schmid has now come to the stage and explains how the KONA extends the Hyundai SUV family, and is the fourth SUV in the company’s strong line-up. “We already have a strong SUV heritage, with more than 1.4 million SUVs sold in Europe.”

"You drive it. You define it"  

He elaborates on the campaign slogan “You drive it. You define it” which is about people who want to get more out of life and people who do not accept the conventional - they are the drivers of their lives with great stories to tell. “We have chosen a group of people with their own unique style and stories - in fashion, music and design. We call them the KONA GANG.”

The KONA gang are all here in Milan and their videos now appear on screen.

Now it’s the turn of Hyundai Chief Design Officer, Peter Schreyer, to take to the stage, who says that design has become the number one reason why customer choose Hyundai cars. Hyundai is a brand full of energy and its design reflects this dynamic spirit. “The intense force of water inspired our design. The power of nature is our inspiration and helps us to shape the future.”

We now have a chance to meet the young Hyundai engineers and designers who have been part of the development process. Regina Kaiser, Martin Bott, Daniel Kim and Kevin Kang are all introduced to the audience and they describe their inspiration and what they experienced when developing and creating the KONA. 
It’s time for the big unveiling. As video footage and the music plays, the Hyundai designers and engineers unbox the KONA on stage from behind video walls. And here it is! The KONA is here!

The team is now detailing the design, safety and connectivity features of the Hyundai KONA. The sub-compact SUV continues Hyundai’s new design identity while adding its own progressive character. Its front boasts Hyundai Motor’s new family identity, the Cascading Grille. The new twin headlamps enhance the visual impact, with the LED Daytime Running Lights positioned on top of the LED headlights. The KONA’s bold front and rear are also emphasised by the car’s wide stance and aggressive styling featuring sleek and sharp shapes.

Inside, a Hyundai first is the new combiner head-up display with class-leading luminance, supporting safe driving by projecting information directly into the driver’s line of sight.

9:00 PM

As the journalists and media take a closer look at the KONA, DJ and solo artist, and member of the KONA gang, Jan Blomqvist takes to the decks to entertain the audience. Motion-sensing technology encourages the guests to create their own piece of art, displayed on the huge screens.

You can continue to watch the Hyundai KONA afterparty on the livestream. 


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