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8 best press reactions to the New Hyundai i20

All three body types in the i20 line-up – the i20 five-door, crossover Active and three-door Coupe – have undergone a major update to keep it among the best in its class.
In order to meet customers’ expectations, they now feature a refreshed, seductive design and updated safety features with Hyundai SmartSense.
Representing the essence of the Hyundai brand – quality, reliability and functionality combined with youthful, modern styling – here’s the best of the press reactions.

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One of Hyundai’s best-selling models, Europe’s motoring media got the chance to try out the New i20 range.

1. What Car

The i20 might be in the smaller B-segment, but What Car was incredibly impressed with the amount of interior space it offers, describing the updated model as “one of the roomiest in the class, with enough leg and head room to accommodate tall drivers with ease. It has a noticeably wider interior than most rivals’, too”.
It offered similar praise for the width and amount of leg room provided for rear passengers, and observed that the i20’s boot is “one of the biggest in the class. It’s broad and deep, well-shaped, and has a wide opening, so it’ll take a buggy more easily than most rivals”.

2. Coches.net

When it came to driving the New i20, Spain’s Coches.net said the 1.0-litre T-GDI engine with 120 PS “more than meets expectations”, while its greatest pleasure came from the in-house developed 7-speed dual clutch transmission that offers “great smoothness of gear change”.
The review also praised the level of acoustic insulation provided by the i20’s interior, and said that its enhanced driving dynamics and damping gave “the maximum possible comfort”.

3. Auto Express

Auto Express welcomed the i20’s updated design and features, describing its new dual clutch transmission as “great for city driving” and declaring that “the inclusion of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay on every model is arguably the most useful change of all”.
As it notes, this is due to both systems “allowing easy access to third-party mapping via your chosen smartphone”, as well as an infotainment system with “clear graphics and a mix of simple menus and physical shortcut buttons” that “make it a doddle to use”.

4. Quattroruote

Taking the New i20 out on the road, Italy’s Quattroruote found it to be “agile and comfortable” and an “excellent solution for those looking for a B-segment vehicle that combines space on board with a wide range of equipment.”
It appreciated the improved feeling in the i20’s steering, thanks to the addition of electric servo assistance, as well as “the general level of comfort even on rough roads thanks to a new suspension calibration”.

5. Autocar

If you’re looking for “a compact car that still provides enough space for adults to sit in the back row, and still has a sizeable boot”, Autocar confidently declared that “the i20 absolutely fits the bill”.
It also thought the driver lane keep assist and forward collision avoidance safety aids were superior to others in the segment, commenting: “The former isn’t nearly as nagging or aggressive as we’ve experienced in superminis from other manufacturers, and so much less likely to be turned off by irritated drivers.”

6. Auto Presse

The sharper lines of the New i20’s appearance were noticed by Germany’s Auto Presse, which commented: “The design looks good, and in addition to a completely revised front with new front and rear bumpers, there is a brand-typical cascading grille that already graces other Hyundai models.”

7. Motor.es

One of the first impressions that Spain’s Motor.es had when first getting inside the New i20 was “that it feels superior to other competitor’s cars in the segment”, thanks to “very comfortable seats” and a driving position that brings everything within reach.
It also appreciated the i20’s transmissions, describing the 6-speed manual as “very comfortable and intuitive when it comes to changing up or down”, and the 7-speed dual clutch as one that “works really well in every possible daily scenario”.

8. alVolante.it

Italy’s alVolante.it was another fan of the new 7-speed dual clutch transmission, which it said gave the New i20 “a brilliant ride, while it feels safe to drive thanks to the efficiency of the braking system and suspension that, though calibrated for comfort, does not cause the car to lean too much when cornering.”
It too noticed the “reduced vibrations of the three-cylinder engine and the rather low noise level” and observed that the car’s maneuverability made it perfect for city driving, while the damping ability of the chassis absorbed any bumps and shallow potholes in the road.


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