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23.11.2017 Story

We need to talk: the rise of voice technology in cars

Drivers are being given increasing voice control over their cars' functionality - a new technology that Hyundai Motor has been at the forefront of.

17.10.2017 Story

All-New Hyundai Kona: seven great features

Hyundai Motor has created seven exciting new clips to showcase how Hyundai's All-New Kona reflects and caters for the lifestyle of modern customers.

27.07.2017 Story

Relaxing by app: keep calm while driving

Everyday stresses and the hustle and bustle of traffic can sometimes make driving a chore. In today's connected world, there are a range of apps out there to help us both inside and outside the car.

19.04.2017 Story

What is telematics? The future of car connectivity

The same technology used in Formula One cars could soon become commonplace in everyday vehicles transferring real-time information to drivers or helping in the case of an emergency.

05.04.2017 Story

Maps, apps, and wireless charging for the new people's car [video]

Streaming music, accessing messages, connecting to apps, or getting the latest travel information. Check out these videos to see how the New Generation Hyundai i30 keeps the driver plugged in.


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