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Unlocking convenience at your fingertips: a connected car experience enabled by digital services

In the not-so-distant past, the notion of seamlessly integrating connectivity into the driving experience was deemed a futuristic dream. Today, it stands as a tangible reality, courtesy of connected car in-car systems and apps. The potential of these systems is immense, making them the ultimate companion for modern lifestyles. We’re not only talking about managing your vehicles functions via your smartphone, from any location. In fact, the era of connectivity between your car and your daily environment is swiftly approaching, marking an evolution poised to reshape the global perception of smart living.

Hyundai Connected Mobility precisely achieves this with its Bluelink portfolio which aims to further transform the connected car experience. As part of its commitment to delivering great customer service experiences and mobility solutions, Hyundai enhances its Connected Car Services (CCS) through personalized packages and new features like in-car payment capabilities, OTA (Over-the-Air) vehicle software updates, various FOD (Features on Demand) and music streaming, ensuring user convenience and personalisation while driving.

Tailor your next adventure

With over 1 million current users across Europe, Hyundai Bluelink isn't just a platform; it's a gateway to choice and adaptability for drivers. Through the Bluelink in-car system and app, users can tailor their journey to their preferences, gaining unparalleled control over their vehicles.

One standout feature is Connected Routing, Hyundai's cloud-based navigation tool. It optimizes routes using real-time traffic data from TomTom, ensuring efficient and stress-free travel. Additionally, Bluelink offers Online Points of Interest (POI) through collaboration with Munich startup 4.screen, providing users with up-to-date information on nearby attractions, restaurants, and services, along with enticing deals to enhance their experience, for example car wash discounts or getting coffee for free.

Hyundai Digital Key 2 transforms your smartphone into your vehicle's key, granting seamless access with a simple approach. Keep your phone in your pocket and effortlessly unlock your car as you approach. Plus, with the ability to share access with family and friends, convenience has never been more inclusive.

The EV Route Planner ensures a smooth and efficient journey by providing real-time information on charging stations along the way. This intelligent system automatically recommends charging stop and the possibility to filter by charging speed and provider.

In the Bluelink online store to be opened in 2025, drivers will be able to further tailor their experience with three different packages – Lite, Plus, or Pro – to match their driving style and needs.

Starting in 2025, the Bluelink Store will offer the following packages:

Connectivity for everyday life

Connected car systems redefine how vehicles are integrated with customers and the mobility ecosystem. They cater to the needs of today's tech-savvy drivers, offering unparalleled convenience, control, and additional features that enhance their daily lives with excitement and refinement.

Imagine this scenario: It's a scorching summer day, and drivers can remotely pre-cool their vehicles so their entire family can enjoy the ride in comfort. Then they use Amazon Music Streaming to add an extra dose of enjoyment to their drive and to their day.

Bluelink users can expect more exciting features in the future, including in-car payment, which will allow drivers to seamlessly authorize payment for services such as fuelling or parking using their linked credit card without interrupting their journey. This integration of in-car payments with Bluelink provides peace of mind and demonstrates the power of technology in streamlining automotive services for modern drivers.

It's not just about reaching the destination, but about crafting a journey of comfort and ease from the first to the last mile and everything in between. With a steadfast commitment to innovation and enhancing driving experiences, Hyundai remains at the forefront of revolutionizing automotive technology and connectivity.

For more information on Hyundai's Bluelink services and offerings, visit Bluelink’s official website.


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