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31.07.2018 Story

How to play music in your Hyundai

By giving its vehicles a range of smart connectivity features, Hyundai has reacted to modern customers' needs – which of course involves everyone’s favourite in-car activity: listening to music.

05.04.2018 Story

The evolution of in-car navigation systems

Equipped with big fold-out maps, setting out on a long car journey used to require the kind of planning required for an Arctic expedition. In recent years, GPS has revolutionised in-car navigation.

19.03.2018 Story

Six premium car features now available in city cars

In the past, there was a wide gulf between the features of a luxury car and their smaller, everyday counterparts. However, car manufacturers are increasingly equipping city cars with upscale items.

13.03.2018 Story

How does head-up display work?

Before going a long journey, it’s essential you can see the road ahead and know where you’re going. Head-up display technology works with both of these ideas in mind to enhance the driving experience.

06.03.2018 Story

Hyundai Motor's connected car technology enhances people's lives

Hyundai's future technology recognises what today's drivers need to facilitate their lives, for example with the Intelligent Personal Cockpit.


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