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25.08.2016 Story

Virtual reality is back and it’s changing the automotive world

Hyundai recently partnered with Munich-based startup Reflekt. We seized the opportunity to speak to their experts about the new virtual reality trend that is booming in 2016.

16.08.2016 Story

Ice cream and bears: "Hyundai Kids Car Tours​" videos

When buying a new car, there are many things to consider; the size, the look, the interior, the driving performance, but one of the most important is your passengers.

04.08.2016 Story

12 trends that will shape the future of the car industry by 2030

Project IONIQ Lab is an innovative long-term research project aiming to redefine future transport and mobility. The team has predicted 12 "megatrends" to shape the future of the car industry by 2030.

02.08.2016 Story

Introducing Hyundai Safety Team™

Hyundai’s various safety technologies work together as a team to help drivers avoid collisions. Impeccably engineered, this new level of preventive safety keeps you one step ahead on the road.

26.07.2016 Story

How augmented reality silently revolutionises your driving experience

The downside of smart cars is that basic vehicle-related tasks require checking a vast owner's manual. The upside of the Hyundai Virtual Guide app is that its AR will make life easier for owners.

22.07.2016 Story

​ 7 apps and 7 trip ideas for your next tour

We've got another seven apps to help you get the most from your road trips. And if you haven't decided where to drive, we've got seven super trip suggestions too. Let's go.

13.07.2016 Story

Another set of eyes: How does blind spot detection work?

‘Eyes on the road’ is the mantra of every safety-conscious driver but when changing lanes or turning, there are parts we just can’t see. And that’s where car blind spot detection systems come in.

05.07.2016 Story

Fuel cell technology: energy for a greener and brighter future

Hydrogen fuel cell technology is no longer a distant possibility. It’s already being rolled out in Europe and improving how we produce electrical energy right now.

23.06.2016 Story

Hit the road: Essential driving tips for your car holiday

It's the summer holiday season and what better way to see the sights than by hitting the road? Make sure you're prepared with these essential driving tips.

03.06.2016 Story

Car gesture control: bringing sci-fi technology to your vehicle

Forget about touching buttons or looking away from the road ahead. Car gesture control is here to improve how you interact with your vehicle.


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