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23.06.2016 Story

Hit the road: Essential driving tips for your car holiday

It's the summer holiday season and what better way to see the sights than by hitting the road? Make sure you're prepared with these essential driving tips.

03.06.2016 Story

Car gesture control: bringing sci-fi technology to your vehicle

Forget about touching buttons or looking away from the road ahead. Car gesture control is here to improve how you interact with your vehicle.

19.05.2016 Story

Electric car technology: battery, plug-in or hybrid?

Electric car technology has come a long way in recent years, but many people remain unaware of the different types of electric vehicle available. Let us explain…

10.05.2016 Story

By design! How the Red Dot marks the spot for creative excellence

Red Dot Award considered the world’s biggest design competition. 31 categories from fashion to homeware. Hyundai’s sixth win in three years.

20.04.2016 Story

Stay connected with these essential Android Auto apps

The number of useful Android Auto apps is increasing all the time. We’ve listed some of the must-haves to make sure you stay connected to the digital world, even behind the wheel.

08.04.2016 Story

The road to driverless cars - Ready to let go?

A ton of exciting assistance systems prepare today’s newly launched vehicles for the final step in automotive development: driverless cars.

22.12.2015 Story

The Seven Biggest Winter Driving Sins

As the weather in Europe turns increasingly wintry, Hyundai Motor presents some advice for driving on snowy roads and in challenging conditions. Be sure to avoid these seven winter driving sins.

19.11.2015 Story

7 things you didn't know about Hyundai Motor

How well do you know Hyundai Motor? Here is a selection of stories and facts you maybe did not know.

13.11.2015 Story

New Hyundai adverts invite people to keep their feet on the ground

Hyundai Motor has released new TV advertisements for i10, i20, i30 and i40 on its European YouTube channel, with smart and sometimes unexpected narratives.

03.11.2015 Story

Hyundai Motor's hydrogen leadership: an interview with Frank Meijer

Helping to shape the future of mobility, Hyundai Motor is developing new technologies to provide solutions for customers today and tomorrow.


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