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19.11.2015 Story

7 things you didn't know about Hyundai Motor

How well do you know Hyundai Motor? Here is a selection of stories and facts you maybe did not know.

13.11.2015 Story

New Hyundai adverts invite people to keep their feet on the ground

Hyundai Motor has released new TV advertisements for i10, i20, i30 and i40 on its European YouTube channel, with smart and sometimes unexpected narratives.

03.11.2015 Story

Hyundai Motor's hydrogen leadership: an interview with Frank Meijer

Helping to shape the future of mobility, Hyundai Motor is developing new technologies to provide solutions for customers today and tomorrow.

26.10.2015 Story

Hands-on: How Android Auto makes driving smarter

With Android Auto in the New i40, you don't need to touch your smartphone in the car anymore.


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