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31.10.2023 Story

A story of electrified success

With its increasing fleet of electrified models, Hyundai is driving a change in the automotive industry.

12.10.2023 Story

From Nošovice to Europe: Where the Kona magic happens

Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Czech in Nošovice is one of two Hyundai production plants in Europe and is considered one of the most modern car factories.

28.09.2023 Story

Kona Electric: Bigger, bolder, and more dynamic

The all-new Kona has evolved to embrace an even wider range of diversity for every lifestyle.

21.07.2023 Story

How bidirectional charging can power your world

For the first time in a commercially available electric car, Hyundai pioneered the Vehicle-to-Load function – revealed in the 2021 launch of the award-winning IONIQ 5.

05.05.2023 Story

The evolution of car headlights

When you view a car for the first time, you’re probably immediately drawn to the headlights. As well as being an important stylistic feature, headlights also help to define a car's character.

12.04.2023 Story

Travelling the road to electrification leadership

Hyundai Motor Company’s success story as an electrification leader is a testament to its relentless commitment to innovation, quality and sustainability.

13.02.2023 Story

A vision of the future: IONIQ 6 captured in a cyberpunk world by award-winning photographer Esther Haase

Inspired by the idea of the car as a part of yourself, found in works of science fiction, award-winning photographer Esther Haase chose to depict IONIQ 6 against the backdrop of a cyberpunk megacity.

30.01.2023 Story

Hyundai commissions award-winning photographer Esther Haase to showcase IONIQ 6 as a vision of the future

Hyundai Motor has commissioned award-winning photographer Esther Haase to capture the streamlined aesthetics and timeless, human-centric design of IONIQ 6.

23.01.2023 Story

Award-winning photographer Esther Haase and Hyundai Head of Design Eduardo Ramírez talk IONIQ 6 and design in panel discussion

Award-winning photographer Esther Haase comes together with Eduardo Ramírez, Head of Exterior Design, to discuss, among other topics, IONIQ 6’s design features.

16.01.2023 Story

A Postcard from … Nexø: A winter road trip in Denmark with Hyundai NEXO

The next entry of Hyundai’s ‘A Postcard from …’ series shines a spotlight on the company’s fuel cell powered passenger vehicle: Hyundai NEXO.


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