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23.01.2023 Story

Award-winning photographer Esther Haase and Hyundai Head of Design Eduardo Ramírez talk IONIQ 6 and design in panel discussion

Award-winning photographer Esther Haase comes together with Eduardo Ramírez, Head of Exterior Design, to discuss, among other topics, IONIQ 6’s design features.

16.01.2023 Story

A Postcard from … Nexø: A winter road trip in Denmark with Hyundai NEXO

The next entry of Hyundai’s ‘A Postcard from …’ series shines a spotlight on the company’s fuel cell powered passenger vehicle: Hyundai NEXO.

09.11.2022 Story

Ride like the wind: Hyundai’s IONIQ 6 takes ‘drag’ to a new low and range to a new high

When the designers and aerodynamic engineers at Hyundai Motor Company set out to create an electric vehicle with low wind resistance and a high all-electric range, they looked at some of the most streamlined shapes in automotive and aircraft history, as well as in nature.

19.09.2022 Story

A Postcard from … Tucson: traversing desert and mountains with Hyundai’s European bestseller

Previous entries in Hyundai’s ‘A Postcard from…’ series have focused on BAYON and SANTA FE. Now, it is the turn of the company’s European bestseller, TUCSON.

09.08.2022 Story

A Postcard from… Santa Fe: Hyundai SANTA FE treks through the rocky American Southwest

While many models in Hyundai Motor’s SUV family share similar traits – like sporty design and electrified powertrains, each SUV gets its name from an international travel destination. Hyundai SANTA FE is no exception.

15.06.2022 Story

A Postcard from… Bayonne: Hyundai BAYON explores the French Basque Country

Every Hyundai SUV takes its name from an international travel destination.

14.12.2021 Story

Studying the Past to Prepare for The Future of EVs

Sometimes, we have to look to the past to prepare for the future; this is why Hyundai Motor Company recently reinterpreted its legacy. Here are details about the past, present, and future of Hyundai's electric vehicles.

28.07.2021 Story

Designing the all-new Hyundai KONA N: how the ‘hot SUV’ gets its sporty appearance

Designing a high-performance SUV comes with a unique set of challenges.

23.06.2020 Story

Hyundai N in Europe

The seven-part video series “Hyundai N in Europe” will take you into the world of N, Hyundai’s high-performance cars that are outfitted with engines especially tuned for high responsiveness and excellent power output.

19.09.2019 Story

Virtual Seat Buck: Hyundai to use virtual technology in designing cars

Over time, cars have become far more than just a means of transportation. They are increasingly becoming extensions of our living spaces, like a second home.


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