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09.07.2018 Story

Safe Exit Assist: how does it work?

Hyundai truly cares about its customers’ well-being. To comply with the highest European safety standards, the All-New Santa Fe offers one of the best-in-class safety packages and safety features.

06.07.2018 Story

How dual-clutch transmission works

To many drivers, the choice between manual and automatic transmission comes down to geographical location or personal preference. Modern dual-clutch offers the best of both worlds. How does it work?

05.06.2018 Story

Hyundai Motor’s eco-friendly cars

Citizens around the world join together every year on to mark World Environment Day, which raises awareness of environmental issues. This year the focus is on cutting down plastic pollution.

30.05.2018 Story

The evolution of cruise control

With automated features increasingly becoming a staple of modern cars, cruise control may not sound like the most modern car component. However, its invention marked the start of driverless vehicles.

14.05.2018 Story

5 cool things about Hyundai’s Le Fil Rouge concept car

It was billed as Hyundai Motor’s ‘big surprise’ at this year’s Geneva Motor Show, and the automaker didn’t disappoint with its stunning Le Fil Rouge concept car.

11.05.2018 Story

How car safety has evolved over time

From seat belts to Electronic Stability Control, car safety has come a long way since the first automobiles were developed during the 19th century.

27.04.2018 Story

Hyundai NEXO: how does Fuel Cell work?

Car emissions are one of the main forms of pollution affecting air quality in cities and towns. The automotive industry is aiming to help create a cleaner environment through eco-friendly vehicles.

23.04.2018 Story

3 reasons why hybrid cars are more popular than ever

The hybrid revolution is set to get even bigger in the next few years. Here's three reasons why that's a good thing for everybody.

05.04.2018 Story

The evolution of in-car navigation systems

Equipped with big fold-out maps, setting out on a long car journey used to require the kind of planning required for an Arctic expedition. In recent years, GPS has revolutionised in-car navigation.

29.03.2018 Story

Four more great Easter driving destinations

Easter is a great time to spend with family and friends while gorging on some chocolate treats. With a four-day weekend and spring sun, it’s also a great time to set off on a continental road trip.


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