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26.10.2016 Story

Car safety: Only trust your own sensors

As in-car technology advances and driver-assisting systems like lane departure warnings become the norm, you might wonder why we now need automatic safety features having lived so long without them.

24.10.2016 Story

Why the big technology firms are partnering with the car industry

They invented the smartphone and redefined how we connect with people online. As cars become more connected to the digital world the tech industry is producing innovations to advance the way we drive.

19.10.2016 Story

From nuclear-powered vehicles to eggs: why concept cars get made

Concept cars are built by manufacturers to showcase new styles or technology. A staple of motor shows, many of these futuristic vehicles never even land on the dealer’s lot. So why do they get made?

11.10.2016 Story

These off-road driving tips will help you get the most out of your SUV

Few SUV drivers leave the comfort of a fully-tarmacked street to take advantage of their car’s versatility. If you do head off-road, it’s best to know what your car is capable of and how to use it.

07.10.2016 Story

The rise of the small turbo engine

Sometimes the little things make waves across the car industry. Proving that bigger isn’t necessarily better, manufacturers are producing more small turbocharged engines for petrol vehicles than ever.

28.09.2016 Story

Icons of Paris: New Generation i30 shines in the City of Lights

After its media debut, the New Generation i30 makes its world premiere at the 2016 Paris Motor Show. Jump in and take a tour around this stunning city famous for iconic sights and style.

26.09.2016 Story

Is cloud mapping the car industry’s next big thing?

Although it might sound like the act of charting the skies above us, cloud mapping is actually considered the next generation in in-car navigation. But what exactly is it?

09.09.2016 Story

From mixtapes to Spotify: the ever-changing world of in-car audio

Music and motoring: a combination as natural as bread and butter or pen and paper. These days it’s unthinkable to take a trip without listening to your personalised playlist.

06.09.2016 Story

Preview: The Hyundai IONIQ augmented reality app is coming

The Hyundai IONIQ's innovative technology is breaking new ground in the auto industry. So it's no surprise the car is also embracing the digital world with its Augmented Reality app.

02.09.2016 Story

Hyundai just discovered the sweet spot for electric cars and hybrids

We went behind the scenes of the new IONIQ campaign with Sascha Martini, CEO of Razorfish, to get some exclusive insights from the marketer, and to find out what surprised him most about the car.


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