Hyundai KONA N press releases

15.09.2021 Press release

“How I fell back in love with driving”

Following almost a decade of developing a versatile line-up of racetrack-ready road cars, Hyundai N – Hyundai Motor’s high-performance sub-brand – is celebrating its sixth birthday.

25.08.2021 Press release

Hyundai’s KONA family offers ideal model for every customer

Hyundai Motor’s complete KONA family offers customers one of the widest selections of powertrain and trim options in the industry, to suit almost every lifestyle.

19.08.2021 Press release

“Endless driving pleasure”: the best media reactions to KONA N

Hyundai Motor recently unveiled its first dedicated high-performance SUV, all-new Hyundai KONA N.

18.08.2021 Press release

How Hyundai uses the challenges of Nürburgring to hone its high-performance capabilities

Next to Namyang and the zigzagging shape of a chicane, the ‘N’ in Hyundai N also stands for Nürburgring.

28.07.2021 Press release

Designing the all-new Hyundai KONA N: how the ‘hot SUV’ gets its sporty appearance

Designing a high-performance SUV comes with a unique set of challenges.


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