Hyundai KONA N

The Hyundai KONA N is a true ‘hot SUV’ with the performance level of a hot hatch - and breaks the rule that SUVs cannot be fun to drive.

Delivering as much fun-to-drive during a daily commute as it does on backroad adventures or on the race-track, KONA N is a high-performance SUV designed for adventure lovers as much as driving enthusiasts.

Latest Hyundai KONA N press releases

07.05.2021 Press release

Podcast ep.6 | How our racing cars inspire road cars

Hyundai Motor has released the sixth episode of its bi-weekly podcast, Are We There Yet?, hosted by motorsport and technology presenter Suzi Perry.

05.05.2021 Press release

“Hyundai N in Europe”: new video series is released

Hyundai Motor is releasing a video series that highlights the history and heritage of Hyundai N, encompassing the company’s high-performance vehicles.

27.04.2021 Press release

Hyundai Motor Takes Sport Utility Performance to the ‘N’th Degree with the All-New KONA N, a ‘True Hot SUV’

Hyundai Motor today unveiled the all-new KONA N as well as its high-performance philosophy and ambition for sustainable driving fun at Hyundai N Day, a digital showcase dedicated to introducing Hyundai’s N Brand.

15.04.2021 Press release

Hyundai Motor to Unveil The All-New KONA N at ‘N Day’ Digital Event

Hyundai Motor Company will unveil the all-new KONA N at its first-ever Hyundai N Day, a digital showcase for its high-performance N Brand, on April 27, 2021.

07.04.2021 Press release

All-new KONA N with 8-speed N DCT provides uncompromising performance

Hyundai Motor has revealed new details of the all-new KONA N.


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