13.05.2019 Press release

Road to Busan: the sustainable challenge of Yuna and Hyundai Canarias

  • Hyundai Canarias ventures to travel the world with the 100% electric Hyundai KONA
  • The tour will begin May 15th from the Port of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria to Busan, Korea
  • Hyundai wants to show the world an alternative to travel without polluting

Press material

Hyundai Canarias ventures to travel the world with Chang-Hyun Moon (Yuna) and his traveling companion, the 100% electric Hyundai KONA.

Gran Canaria and Korea are more than 17,000 kilometers away from each other. 17,000 Kilometers of different cultures, different climates, different traditions, different histories... Half a world between two places that despite the distance have historically been united since the sixties with reasons for emigration after the war, and that over the decades have been twinned creating a close bond.

Links that reach into the personal sphere, which is what this story is about. A personal challenge to show the world that when you have a dream, however unattainable it may seem, it is in our hands to make it come true.

Chang-Hyun Moon's father (Yuna) was a ship captain of the Korean fishing fleet. He sailed from Busan to go around the world. Sailed across the Pacific, crossed the Panama Canal and crossed the Atlantic to reach the Canary Islands. Half round the world by boat. But the rounds of life prevented the trip to continue to Korea to finish the round the world. He never returned to Busan.

Forty years later, his son Yuna, Civil Engineer specialized in transport and with a vocation for Social Responsibility and Sustainability, has proposed to fulfill his father's dream: to travel the other half of the world by road, in an electric car and without consuming a liter of gasoline. A trip without any pollution.

For this, Yuna has chosen a unique companion: the Hyundai KONA 100% electric. With a lithium battery of 64Kw/h that delivers a power of 204 HP and 449 kilometers of autonomy, the electric KONA will be his travel companion for this adventure.

The components of the electric motor of the KONA provide an excellent driving sensation and a perfect autonomy for everyday life usage on all types of roads. Depending on the available main connection or the type of charging station you have access to, the electric KONA offers several charging options and plugs. In addition, the braking has been optimized to take full advantage of the adjustable regenerative braking, helping the electric KONA to maintain an optimal state of charge. Without a doubt, it is the perfect electric SUV for this adventure.

Morocco, Spain, Gibraltar, France, Monaco, Italy, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Kazakhstan China and South Korea – 22 countries that will witness the passage of Yuna behind the wheel of the 100% electric KONA heading to Busan.

Yuna will begin this adventure with the KONA Electric May 15th and its arrival in Busan is scheduled for the middle of July. Two months that will be full of experiences and adventures in different scenarios but always with regard to sustainability and care for the environment as an objective in this personal challenge. Hyundai Canarias has developed the microsite Road to Busan, where you will find all the information related to this adventure. Will the 100% electric Hyundai KONA make Yuna's dream come true?

Hyundai Canarias, with 50% of the electric units registered in 2019 in the Islands, shows its firm commitment to supporting initiatives that promote sustainability, and a clear example is the development with Yuna of Road to Busan to raise awareness for this matter. Road to Busan goes far beyond being a personal challenge; it is a challenge to show the world that there is an opportunity to travel the world without pollution. Road to Busan is also a project of Sustainability and Social Responsibility.

The UN already warned in the United Nations Environment Program in the most comprehensive and rigorous assessment of the global environmental state: "Human health will be increasingly threatened if the world does not take urgent measures to stop and repair the serious damage caused to the environment".

The concern of Hyundai Motor Company for this matter is serious, and for this reason it has been put to work with the development of alternative mobility vehicles with 0 emissions. This is the case of the Hyundai NEXO, the Hyundai IONIQ electric and the Hyundai KONA Electric, companion of Yuna’s adventures on the Road to Busan.


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