02.03.2021 Press release

Meet the artists behind the world premiere of the new Hyundai BAYON

  • To celebrate the launch of the all-new Hyundai BAYON, nine European artists created artwork inspired by the model’s unique design
  • The unveil video featured the work of Camilla Alberti, Vincent de Boer and Jan Gemrot
  • The all-new Hyundai BAYON celebrated its world premiere 2 March

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To celebrate the world premiere of the all-new BAYON, Hyundai has invited nine different artists from all over Europe to create unique pieces of art inspired by the design of the new model.

To celebrate the world premiere of the all-new BAYON, Hyundai has invited nine different artists from all over Europe to create unique pieces of art inspired by the design of the new model. Some artists also drew their inspiration from BAYON’s motto: “Ready for new heights.” This is a reference to both the model’s high seating position and how it sets new standards in the B-segment.

The art is currently being showcased in an online gallery. In addition, three of the artists’ works were featured in the digital unveiling video: Camilla Alberti, Vincent de Boer and Jan Gemrot.

The idea for the launch campaign came from the unique characteristics of the model. The all-new BAYON is the first Hyundai model developed specifically for Europe. Its distinctive design, which incorporates the company’s ‘Sensuous Sportiness’ design identity, served as a source of artistic inspiration.

The digital world premiere for the all-new BAYON took place 2 March. Watch the replay here:

The artists inspired by BAYON

Camilla Alberti (Italy)

Camilla, a sculptural artist from Italy, works with abandoned objects, industrial waste and anthropic elements that have survived the urban environment. Her piece is inspired by the intricate patterns in the BAYON's front grille.

Artwork by Camilla Alberti

I wanted to break up the design of the grille of the car and recreate all the parts of the intertwining to an organic ‘body’. When I make installations or sculptures, I work mostly with waste, because I consider that as a powerful material. My idea was to let everything appear organic and not like the grille of a car.

Camilla Alberti

Vincent de Boer (Netherlands)

The work of Dutch typographic artist and letter maker Vincent often blends the worlds of calligraphy, graphic design and typography all together. His illustration, which uses ink on paper, makes use of the BAYON’s compact, yet elegant proportions.

Artwork by Vincent de Boer

I am inspired by paying attention to everything around me. The car, for example, has a detail on the front that you notice if you are standing close enough to it. It had an architectural feeling to me, and that’s what I wanted to draw. I used a technique where I perform a certain movement multiple times to create a special effect.

Vincent de Boer

Jan Gemrot (Czech Republic)

The strong geometric shapes of the BAYON’s headlights reminded illustrator Jan of a flying human figure with extended wings, evoking the freedom and the easiness of moving through the city.

Artwork by Jan Gemrot

My inspiration comes from everyday life, whether mine or the life of my related ones. I am inspired by memories, especially shared memories we have. My artwork is supposed to carry the emotion of freedom, liberty and dynamism – analogue to the car. I am happy if people can relate to that.

Jan Gemrot

The other artists, whose artwork is being featured in the online gallery as part of the launch campaign, include:

Guido Zimmerman (Germany)

The BAYON’s electrified powertrain & distinctive design elements inspired Guido to create a three-dimensional wooden sculpture which displays a mixture of galloping horses and shapes of the BAYON.

Artwork by Guido Zimmerman

My art is about dynamics. I work a lot with horses, movements, conflict and suppression. It matches well with the car because it has horsepower, it moves, it is dynamic. For example, the front grille looks like a horse from above, and I directly put that into motion by creating a painted sculpture.

Guido Zimmerman

Nuriatoll (Spain)

The Spanish graphic designer loves to create huge urban murals and works of art that are visible all over her home city of Barcelona. She was inspired by the arrow-shaped headlights of the BAYON.

Artwork by Nuriatoll

When I saw the details of the car, I immediately found parallels with what I usually do. I tried to synthesise those shapes into geometric shapes and adapt them to my type of illustration. It immediately came to my mind to combine this with birds. For me, the concept of driving is linked to that idea of freedom, and the slogan enclosed the whole concept.


Soyhan Baltaci (Turkey)

Soyhan loves to play with the elements of space, people and nature to create works of art that display the evolving relationship between us and our surroundings. His pencil drawings highlight various design elements of BAYON.

Artwork by Soyhan Baltaci

Inspired by BAYON I created a landscape painting by combining the engine parts with other details of the vehicle. I tried to convey concepts of nature and freedom that are common for my work and the car to the spectator.

Soyhan Baltaci

Nathaniel Rackowe (UK)

The London-based artist focused on the wide grille of the BAYON, creating a light sculpture that shows the interlocking mesh structure navigating through the dynamic lights of modern urban environments.

Artwork by Nathaniel Rackowe

When I was looking at images of the car, I was particularly interested in the grille area. The grille itself has this design of layers in interlocking form. It’s about trying to find some kind of softness or beauty in the oft-harsh environment of the city.

Nathaniel Rackowe

Pola Augustynowiczs (Poland)

Award-winning illustrator Pola loves to create stunning and colourful illustrations from all kinds of materials. BAYON inspired her to create a world that combines the urban streets the model is made for with its many emotional design elements.

Artwork by Pola Augustynowiczs

The details of the car inspired me to make a very abstract piece that combines the individual elements to a puzzle-like composition. It was a great pleasure to bring the all-new BAYON into my world of illustrations.

Pola Augustynowiczs

Bahar (France)

As with the name of the car, the French artist Bahar is inspired by the city of Bayonne in the southwest of France. Her work uses a unique aesthetic perspective, displaying a distinctly urban style of poetry and glamour.

Artwork by Bahar

I love to focus on the details to create my illustrations that make my artworks count – like the details of the car. I drew a woman in the BAYON car, looking at the city Bayonne going towards the future, discovering something new.


About the all-new Hyundai BAYON

The all-new BAYON is the latest member of the Hyundai SUV family. The crossover SUV body type was designed to meet the demands of navigating through European cities, making it well suited to urban drivers who want both comfort and great design. A uniquely European product, its name was inspired by the city of Bayonne, a popular holiday destination in the south-west of France. BAYON is characterised by a wide, solid stance, wide and narrow DRLs, and arrow-shaped brake lights. It will be the latest Hyundai model to feature the Sensuous Sportiness design identity.


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