26.06.2023 Press release

Hyundai Motor establishes subsidiary in Sweden to extend EV leadership

  • Northern European and Scandinavian countries have become one of the largest EV markets in Europe
  • Sweden leading the way with high EV acceptance, reliable EV charging infrastructure, online affinity, and progressive mindset
  • Swedish subsidiary will go into operation in July 2024

Press material

As of 1st of July 2024, Hyundai Motor will further extended its presence in key EV markets by establishing a subsidiary operation in Sweden. The Swedish subsidiary will leverage the success of the current distributor Hyundai Bilar Import AB in the country. The company highly values the hard work of the distributor in growing Hyundai’s brand in Sweden.

Sweden holds high strategic value for Hyundai Motor Europe. Thanks to its readiness to accept electric vehicles and integrate them into its vision of future mobility, the country is proving to be a very important market for us. Our current distributor, Hyundai Bilar Import AB, has made an amazing effort to turn business around across the country and laid a solid foundation for Hyundai’s future growth there.

Michael Cole President and CEO of Hyundai Motor Europe

We are proud to hand over a strong, well-driven business to our partners at Hyundai Motor Europe. With a solid foundation in place, we are confident that the Hyundai brand and its line-up of EVs will continue to perform well in the Swedish market when Hyundai Motor takes over the organization.

Bengt Larsson Country Director of Hyundai Bilar Import AB

A promising EV market

Sweden shows high potential as one of the most advanced EV markets in Europe and the world. On top of the progressive Swedish mindset and the high overall acceptance of EVs in the country, Sweden also boasts reliable EV infrastructure, making charging more accessible. Additionally, the country’s online affinity and wide mix of distribution channels make it more convenient for customers to purchase an EV. Hyundai is taking full advantage of these ideal conditions to further advance zero tailpipe emission mobility in Sweden.


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