17.09.2021 Press release

‘Hyundai Cl!ck to Buy’ to simplify purchasing experience for customers

  • Hyundai launched the latest version of their online sales platform ‘Hyundai Cl!ck to Buy’ in the Czech Republic
  • ‘Hyundai Cl!ck to Buy’ offers customers a full omni-channel experience, allowing them to purchase a new Hyundai model entirely online
  • With a streamlined and dealer-involved process, ‘Hyundai Cl!ck to Buy’ saves customers time and gives them the option to explore models with the Hyundai Online Showroom

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Hyundai Motor has launched a revamped version of ‘Hyundai Cl!ck to Buy’ that is even more simple, secure, and convenient for customers. The omni-channel experience allows customers to start online and continue offline or complete entirely online, whatever they prefer.

‘Hyundai Cl!ck to Buy’ emphasises the customer-dealer relationship. Customers will continue to approach their local dealers for consultation and inquiries. This way, dealers can expand their reach to online customers and get in contact earlier in the sales process.

Added shopper convenience

Instead of visiting a Hyundai dealership, customers transform their homes into a Hyundai showroom. They can order from home and receive offers completely tailored to their needs. After customers have configured their car or found an available car in stock, they can place their order with nine clicks.

The history of ‘Hyundai Cl!ck to Buy’

Hyundai has been at the forefront of online customer services. The first worldwide Hyundai online store opened in 2016 in the UK market. Over the last five years, the company has developed and tested different solutions in several markets. After compiling learnings from the last few years, Hyundai launched the new ‘Hyundai Cl!ck to Buy’ store approach in the Czech Republic in August 2021.

‘Hyundai Cl!ck to Buy’ will be available in four European markets at the end of this year and ten in 2022. For customers, ‘Hyundai Cl!ck to Buy’ follows a simple five-step process.

Selecting a new Hyundai model

Customers may choose their favourite model in the company’s configurator or select a vehicle directly from the dealer’s stock.

The purchasing process can conveniently be completed online. To submit their order, customers are prompted to log in. Thanks to the Hyundai account, customers in dedicated European markets only need a single sign-in. Users have access to all Hyundai platforms in one place, including myHyundai and Bluelink®.

Choosing a trusted Hyundai dealer

In the next step, customers select their preferred dealer. Depending on their needs, customers can choose the most convenient option from a growing list of participating Hyundai dealers.

For immediate support, ‘Hyundai Cl!ck to Buy’ is connected to the Hyundai Online Showroom via LiveChat. Customers can connect with their dealers via chat, call, or video. With the support of the video call, dealers can show the vehicle directly in their showroom. The contactless interaction will provide the same Hyundai dealership experience: personal conversations with professional consultation.

Selecting a delivery method

The third step is selecting a delivery option. Customers can pick up their Hyundai model from a dealership without added costs. For a nominal fee, home delivery is an even more comfortable option.

Requesting an offer

After providing their contact information, customers are just one click away from sending their dealer an offer request. Based on the customer’s wishes, the dealer will process the request and send back an offer within two hours – during business hours.

Making the purchase

In the last step, customers can review the details of the offer and finalise their order. Hyundai’s tracking system will provide the customer with the latest information about the car’s production and delivery.

Owing to its simplified purchasing process, ‘Hyundai Cl!ck to Buy’ has made buying a Hyundai easier than before. Hyundai is committed to expanding its functionalities based on customer needs.


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