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Did you know the name Hyundai comes from the Korean word for modernity?

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25.04.2022 Press release

Hyundai Motor Announces 2022 1Q Business Results

Hyundai Motor Company today announced its business results for the first quarter of 2022.

17.03.2022 Press release

Record sales of EVs make Hyundai Motor one of the most electrified manufacturers in Europe

Hyundai Motor is one step closer to achieving full carbon neutrality by 2045.

16.03.2022 Press release

Supporting Hyundai’s Future Mobility Strategy Hyundai Motor Company Inaugurates Its First Manufacturing Plant in Southeast Asia

Hyundai Motor Company today inaugurated Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Indonesia, its first factory in Southeast Asia.

18.01.2022 Press release

Hyundai Motor outpaces European automotive market in 2021

Despite an overall decrease in industry demand, Hyundai Motor Europe finished 2021 with very strong sales results.

03.01.2022 Press release

Hyundai Motor Reports 2021 Global Sales and 2022 Goals

Hyundai Motor Company today announced its 2021 global sales performance, recording a 3.9 percent increase from a year earlier despite the ongoing pandemic and supply chain issues.


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