Hyundai Motor cultivates diversity and inclusion in its workplace. When appointing talent, Hyundai focuses on capabilities and expertise to strengthen its future businesses and its ability to develop new technologies while promoting creative and open culture at its workplaces.

Hyundai is focusing on the goals of establishing a horizontal communication culture, building vertical trust in the organisation and promoting creativity by building an active and autonomous work atmosphere. Additionally, Hyundai is operating a wide range of programmes to ensure the right work-life balance for its staff.

Latest news

13.03.2020 Press release

Anicka Yi Announced as Artist for Tate Modern 2020 Hyundai Commission

Hyundai Motor Company and Tate Modern today announced that Anicka Yi will create the 2020 Hyundai Commission, a new site-specific work for Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall.

21.11.2019 Press release

Hyundai Motor launches ‘Human (un)limited’ global art project

Hyundai Motor Company announced the launch of the Hyundai Motorstudio Global Art Project ‘Human (un)limited’, which will be displayed at Hyundai Motorstudios in Beijing, Seoul and Moscow.

31.10.2019 Press release

Hyundai expands its global contribution for art and culture to China

Hyundai Motor Company announces today an extension of its global contribution for art and culture scenes to China at Yuz Museum Shanghai.

30.09.2019 Press release

Kara Walker: Fons Americanus. New Hyundai commission at Tate Modern.

Hyundai Motor and Tate Modern today unveil a monumental 13-metre-high fountain created by Kara Walker.

25.06.2019 Press release

Hyundai shows experimental artworks at Christie’s 2019 Art+Tech Summit

As the presenting sponsor of Christie’s 2019 Art+Tech Summit: The A.I. Revolution, Hyundai will help explore the interactive relationship between artificial intelligence and the art world.


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