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30.07.2018 Story

Hyundai NEXO: how Fuel Cell vehicles promote a greener future

From food we eat, to packaging we use and the cars we drive, people are more environmentally-conscious than ever. With no harmful emissions, Fuel Cell vehicles are attractive to today’s eco-warriors.

27.04.2018 Story

Hyundai NEXO: how does Fuel Cell work?

Car emissions are one of the main forms of pollution affecting air quality in cities and towns. The automotive industry is aiming to help create a cleaner environment through eco-friendly vehicles.

23.04.2018 Story

3 reasons why hybrid cars are more popular than ever

The hybrid revolution is set to get even bigger in the next few years. Here's three reasons why that's a good thing for everybody.

21.02.2018 Story

Why the HyperEconiq Ioniq is a hypermiler’s dream car

Hyundai Motor recently joined forces with Bisimoto Engineering to create the innovative HyperEconiq Ioniq, which integrates the best hypermiling, economy and friction technologies.

24.02.2017 Story

From Mars to Vegas, the technology behind Hyundai's self-driving IONIQ

Allow this video to talk you through the LiDAR technology driving Hyundai's autonomous IONIQ concept.


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