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05.04.2018 Story

The evolution of in-car navigation systems

Equipped with big fold-out maps, setting out on a long car journey used to require the kind of planning required for an Arctic expedition. In recent years, GPS has revolutionised in-car navigation.

19.03.2018 Story

Six premium car features now available in city cars

In the past, there was a wide gulf between the features of a luxury car and their smaller, everyday counterparts. However, car manufacturers are increasingly equipping city cars with upscale items.

21.12.2017 Story

5 Christmas gift gadgets to breathe new life into your car

If you're not sure what to get your car and gadget-loving friends and family for Christmas, check out Hyundai's handy holiday gift guide.

11.10.2017 Story

VIDEO: “Not for spies, but for all”

Hyundai Motor recently launched a video campaign called “Not for spies, but for all” starring a character similar to James Bond to showcase the latest features available in its fleet of vehicles.

03.05.2017 Story

Hyundai IONIQ: What constitutes a fleet car?

The Hyundai IONIQ Electric recently received a prestigious award from Fleet News. In recent years, the fleet industry has embraced eco-friendly vehicles that don't sacrifice safety and satisfaction.


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