Hyundai SANTA FE

First launched in 2001, Santa Fe is Hyundai’s longest-running SUV. The all-new Santa Fe will make its world premiere in August on Hyundai’s YouTube channel.

Now in its fifth generation, the midsize SUV carries forward its signature nature-meets-city appeal while implementing major updates shaped by big data around the latest outdoor lifestyle trends.

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Latest SANTA FE press releases

18.03.2022 Press release

Why Hyundai’s eSUVs make the perfect companions for a winter holiday

What makes an eSUV the perfect winter travel companion?

24.08.2020 Press release

New Terrain Mode Selector on the new Santa Fe

Hyundai Motor has revealed more information on the new Terrain Mode Selector. The new Santa Fe is the first Hyundai SUV in Europe equipped with this Integrated Control technology.

30.06.2020 Press release

Hyundai Motor reveals powertrain details and features of new Santa Fe

Hyundai Motor has revealed details of the new Santa Fe’s powertrain line-up, new platform and range of features.

26.05.2020 Press release

Hyundai Motor reveals first glimpse of the new Santa Fe

Enhanced and electrified: Hyundai Motor has released a first glimpse of the new Santa Fe.

19.05.2020 Press release

Two decades of the Hyundai Santa Fe: Evolution of an Automotive Icon

In the year 2000 Hyundai Motor introduced its first-generation Santa Fe, making the company one of the pioneers in the SUV market.


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