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Electrified powertrains. Zero emissions vehicles. Urban Air Mobility. Hyundai Motor is not just an automaker; it is a leader in future mobility.

Read about what Hyundai is doing to innovate and create new solutions to democratise high-quality, safe, and environmentally friendly mobility.

Latest news

17.11.2022 Press release

Hyundai Motor Group Outlines Plans to Accelerate New Economy through Smart Mobility Solutions

Hyundai Motor Group presented its vision to accelerate the new economy through smart mobility solutions at the 2022 Bloomberg New Economy Forum in Singapore.

14.11.2022 Press release

Hyundai Motor Group Signs MoU with Nusantara Capital City Authority to Establish Ecosystem for Advanced Air Mobility – a First Step to Open Up AAM in ASEAN Market

Hyundai Motor Group today signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Nusantara Capital City Authority.

31.10.2022 Press release

Hyundai Motor Group Showcases Future of Cities through Virtual Exhibition

Hyundai Motor Group today unveiled a virtual public exhibition of its HMG Smart City reference model and other concept studies developed in collaboration with academia

12.10.2022 Press release

Hyundai Motor Group Announces Future Roadmap for Software Defined Vehicles at Unlock the Software Age Global Forum

Hyundai Motor Group today announced a new global strategy to transform all vehicles to Software Defined Vehicles by 2025.

30.09.2022 Press release

Hyundai Motor Wins Its First ‘Luminary’ Honor for Trailer Drone at Red Dot Award: Design Concept 2022

Hyundai Motor Company today won its first-ever ‘Luminary’ honor at Red Dot Award: Design Concept 2022 with its Trailer Drone fully autonomous hydrogen mobility concept.


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