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Hyundai at the Geneva Motor Show: how the press reacted

Hyundai Motor excited automotive journalists and world media at the 2017 Geneva International Motor Show with the unveiling of the New Generation i30 Wagon and the futuristic FE Fuel Cell Concept.
Geneva, Switzerland, was the stage for two world premieres from Hyundai Motor. The Geneva Palexpo convention centre is hosting the 87th edition of the motor show which brings together automotive media, major brand executives, and up to 690,000 public visitors.
Building on the theme of pioneering spirit, and featuring videos with freediving world record holder Herbert Nitsch and 2016/2017 Big Wave Tour World Champion Grant “Twiggy” Baker, Hyundai Motor unveiled the New Generation i30 Wagon and the FE Fuel Cell Concept.
The New Generation Hyundai i30 Wagon is the newest member of the i30 family with a body style conveying elegance and versatility. The FE Fuel Cell Concept represents Hyundai Motor’s latest step on the road to its vision of a zero-emission Hydrogen Energy Society.
Here’s what automotive journalists and media had to say about Hyundai Motor’s premieres and other highlights at the 2017 Geneva International Motor.
1. CAR Magazine focused on Hyundai Motor’s vision of the future with the FE Fuel Cell and Autonomous IONIQ Concepts on display in Geneva. It noted that the fuel cell vehicle is: “one of 14 low-emission Hyundai cars planned to launch before 2020, to solidify the brand’s plans to assert itself as a pioneering environmentally friendly car maker.”
2. Autocar hailed the cargo room in the New Generation i30 Wagon. “With the rear seats up, it can swallow 602 litres of luggage and with them down that number grows to 1650 litres.”
3. In the UK, The Telegraph reported how the FE Fuel Cell concept “reaffirms Hyundai’s commitment to Hydrogen.” It described the model as: “a smart and sophisticated looking car.”
4. Another highlight of the Hyundai booth in Geneva, the Daily Mail was impressed with the ‘Iron Man-inspired robot suits,’ the Hyundai exo-skeletons designed to provide support for people with limited mobility. “The Korean car company is releasing new powered robots that will revolutionise the lives of people who need help in accomplishing everyday tasks.”
5. Ireland’s Irish Times took in the wide variety of technology on display from Hyundai, describing the mix as “between sensible and sci-fi”. Along with descriptions of the i30 Wagon, medical exo-skeletons, and the Health + Mobility Cockpit, it noted how the FE Fuel Cell concept can charge a small battery pack as it drives: “which can then be popped out to use in other forms of transport, such as an electric bike or scooter.”
6. Germany’s Auto Zeitung was happy to set eyes on the Hyundai i30 Wagon in Geneva describing the car as “spacious and practical” with a “dynamic appearance.”
7. Switzerland’s Blick was struck by Hyundai’s vision of emission-free mobility with the FE Fuel Cell Concept, calling the company: “The world's leading car manufacturer in terms of hydrogen propulsion." It also had high praise for the “sleek silhouette” of the i30 Wagon stating: "The striking headlights and the LED daytime running lights are particularly noticeable.”
8. In Spain, Autofacil.es was impressed with the FE Fuel Cell Concept’s range: “It is estimated that it could travel up to 800 km with a single recharge.”
9. El Mundo was also struck by the name of the car: “And speaking of future…Future Eco wants to reflect the new and innovative ecological technologies in this vehicle such as is its internal air humidifier.
10. AutoBild.es had some fun with the Hyundai Autonomous IONIQ simulator remarking how the car hides the LiDAR technology used to self-navigate behind its bumpers. “With this tool, in which the user has the feeling of being on board an autonomous car thanks to the virtual reality glasses, it is easier to get an idea of what it will mean to travel in a car without anyone at the wheel.”


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