05.10.2023 Press release

Hyundai Motor’s AI-Generated Campaign Invites Instagram Users to Visualize Dream Destinations with All-New SANTA FE

  • ‘Open for Imagination’ uses customized a text-to-image AI model to create bespoke images that incorporate the all-new SANTA FE in fantasy settings 
  • The SUV’s ‘Open for More’ concept, bold boxy styling, large tailgate and spacious interior inspire outdoor adventure and imagining dream destinations
  • Social media influencers used voice recognition with the AI model to visualize dream destinations on a large LED screen while sitting in an actual SANTA FE
  • Instagram users can create their own outdoor dream destination images featuring the all-new SANTA FE on Hyundai Worldwide’s official account

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Hyundai Motor Company recently launched a global online campaign aligned with the all-new SANTA FE’s ‘Open for More’ concept that utilizes generative artificial intelligence (AI) to allow users to create their own outdoor dream destination.

Launched in August, the ‘Open for Imagination’ campaign uses a customized text-to-image AI model to create bespoke images that incorporate the all-new SANTA FE, based on user-selected keywords that evoke moods and outdoor settings, such as ‘relaxed seaside’ and ‘lush forest’.

Redefining what the ideal outdoor location can look like reflects the approach Hyundai Motor took in redesigning the all-new SANTA FE. The midsize SUV’s large tailgate and roomy interior offer a best-in-class terrace-like space that inspires outdoor adventure and imagining dream destinations.

To bring the campaign to life, Hyundai Motor worked with social media influencers to visualize the possibilities with a large LED screen and an actual SANTA FE, using voice recognition to create an immersive experience of arriving at the dream destination in a real car.

Now, on Hyundai Worldwide’s official Instagram account, users can achieve similar results by starting a conversation with the account via direct message (DM). Write ‘Hey SANTA FE’ to begin the experience and receive generated images without leaving the platform.

Hyundai Motor is sharing the user-generated images on its platforms, with weekly updates of ‘The Best from Our Users.’ After one month of operation, approximately 200,000 visits have been made to the globally.

While the backgrounds are pure fantasy, each image shows the all-new SANTA FE. Its bold boxy shape and distinctive silhouette give the fifth-generation model a robust, adventurous look that has made it one of the most hotly anticipated SUVs coming to global markets in 2024.

With this campaign, Hyundai Motor aims to expand digital experiences for our customers via the use of generative AI technology. We believe these initiatives create opportunities where the brand and the customers can actively interact with each other rather than communicating a unilateral corporate message. Moving forward, we will strive to continuously offer our customers with a wider range of digital experiences at multiple touchpoints.

Sungwon Jee Senior Vice President and Global Chief Marketing Officer

The campaign microsite will run through February 2024 at: santafe-openformore.hyundai.com

The all-new SANTA FE will go on sale in North America and Europe in the first half of 2024.

* Note: Availability of specifications described in the release and images may vary by trim, variant and market.


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