01.09.2021 Press release

Hyundai Motor vitalizes future mobility in Roblox Metaverse Space, Hyundai Mobility Adventure

  • Hyundai Motor to officially launch metaverse space ‘Hyundai Mobility Adventure’ in October
  • Open beta service begins September 1 for users to experience and return feedback
  • Hyundai Mobility Adventure is the first virtual experience content on Roblox developed by a global automotive brand to showcase future mobility lifestyles in the metaverse
  • Hyundai Mobility Adventure features popular vehicles and future mobility solutions, and aims to attract young people familiar with Hyundai Motor products, technologies, brands and future solutions

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Hyundai Motor Company announces the upcoming October launch of “Hyundai Mobility Adventure” – a metaverse space on Roblox featuring Hyundai Motor’s advanced products and future mobility solutions – and welcomes the public to participate in its open beta service beginning today.

Hyundai Mobility Adventure is a collectively shared virtual space in which various users can meet and communicate with one another and experience Hyundai Motor’s mobility offerings in the form of “avatars,” digital characters representing the participating players. Operating on a metaverse platform, it allows participants to customize their avatars to their preferences and interact with each other in imaginative ways.

Left: Hub Skyport

Hyundai Mobility Adventure will launch on Roblox, a company and online entertainment platform at the forefront of the rapidly growing metaverse industry with 43.2 million daily users. As the first virtual experience content on Roblox developed by a global automotive brand, Hyundai Mobility Adventure is targeted at young consumers who are technologically savvy at exploring the virtual worlds beyond physical experiences. By familiarizing them with Hyundai Motor’s products and future mobility solutions, Hyundai Mobility Adventure aims to nurture long-lasting relationships with fans.

To build innovative relationships with young people, we will strengthen our virtual customer experience content for familiarizing them with Hyundai Motor’s new vehicles and future mobility solutions on Hyundai Mobility Adventure, one of our next-generation CX platforms. We plan to continue to use the metaverse platform for communication of Hyundai Motor’s new vehicles and future mobility solutions, so please keep an eye on our upcoming content.

Thomas Schemera Global CMO, Executive Vice president and Head of the Customer Experience Division at Hyundai Motor

There are five themed parks hosted in Hyundai Mobility Adventure:

  • Festival Square: a central base camp for players to return to from their explorations, where they can take part in festivals, celebrations and vehicle displays, while interacting with other players.
  • Future Mobility City: an ultramodern metropolis where players can experience Hyundai Motor’s future mobility solutions and hydrogen fuel-cell technology
  • Eco-forest (powered by IONIQ): a recreational sphere offering minimalist and slow living enabled by the coexistence of eco-friendly mobility technologies and fairy-tale fantasies
  • Racing Park (powered by N): a racing theme park where players can experience the latest advanced racing technologies and motorsports available via Hyundai Motor’s high-performance N brand cars
  • Smart Tech Campus: a future technology research centre where users can replicate the experiences of engineers and designers in a sophisticated setting

Festival Square

Participants can freely move between the five virtual zones, experience Hyundai Motor products and future mobility solutions, play games, and role-play to accomplish various tasks. For example, a player can drive Hyundai Motor vehicles such as NEXO and IONIQ 5, and operate robotics, purpose built vehicles (PBV) and urban air mobility (UAM) transportation devices. Players can also develop their own avatars, upgrade their personal parking garage and participate in various social activities, immersing themselves in a wide spectrum of virtual experiences available in the metaverse.

While the Future Mobility City and Festival Square are accessible on the open beta service, the Eco-forest (powered by IONIQ) will launch in October, followed by the openings of Racing Park (powered by N) and Smart Tech Campus within 2021.

Left: Hydrogen Plant Right: Concert Hall

Through the open beta service, users can submit feedback via various channels. Then Hyundai Motor will review and incorporate the feedback to improve the quality of the virtual experiences and customer satisfaction in the official version later slated for launch in October. The open beta service also serves to fulfil Hyundai Motor’s open innovation processes by assimilating various ideas for content improvement and diverse languages, enabling the company to integrate fresh new ideas from outside as sources of innovative synergy and collaboration.

Hyundai Mobility Adventure Trailer: Jump into the Epic Journey


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