25.04.2024 Press release

Hyundai Motor Shines at Beijing Auto Show, Paving the Way for Further Expansion in China

  • Hyundai Motor is demonstrating its commitment to China by bringing some of its most important models to one of the world’s largest automotive market 
  • IONIQ 5 N high-performance electric vehicle (EV) to launch in China later this year, strengthening Hyundai Motor’s competitiveness in the world’s largest EV market 
  • Hyundai N to roll out targeted marketing campaigns to promote motorsports and high-performance car culture in China
  • The all-new SANTA FE and the new TUCSON to join strategic local model MUFASA as Hyundai Motor strengthens its SUV lineup in China
  • Beijing Hyundai signed an MOU with CATL to enhance electrification competitiveness in China
  • At the 2024 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition, Hyundai Motor is displaying 14 models as well as its advanced hydrogen technology capabilities

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Hyundai Motor Company is bolstering its brand competitiveness in the Chinese market by introducing its IONIQ 5 N high-performance electric vehicle (EV), all-new SANTA FE and the new TUCSON at the 2024 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition.

The company is demonstrating its commitment to the Chinese market by bringing some of its most important and in-demand models. The high-performance IONIQ 5 N, in particular, will be a major differentiator for Hyundai Motor in the world’s largest EV market. Notably, its debut in Beijing marks the first anniversary of the Hyundai N’s entry into China at the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show.

IONIQ 5 N opens new horizons for high-performance EVs in China

Since its global debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in July last year, IONIQ 5 N has generated a lot of buzz and garnered numerous accolades, including the 2023 TopGear.com Awards, the World Performance Car by World Car Awards, and the 2024 iF Design Awards.

As the Hyundai N’s first high-performance EV, IONIQ 5 N integrates Hyundai Motor’s advanced electrification technology to maximize driving performance. It serves as a symbolic model that showcases Hyundai Motor Way, the core electrification strategy that promotes flexible electrification and builds on the brand’s design heritage.

IONIQ 5 N embodies the three key elements of the Hyundai N: Corner Rascal, Racetrack Capability and Everyday Sports Car. This model opens new horizons for high-performance EVs, offering driving excitement that remains unchanged even in the era of electrification.

Till Wartenberg Vice President and Head of N Brand and Motorsport at Hyundai Motor Company

Hyundai N to promote IONIQ 5 N’s launch in China with Track Days and more

Hyundai Motor plans to launch the IONIQ 5 N in China in the second half of the year, supported by specialized marketing campaigns that will allow more customers to experience the driving pleasure and high-performance technology championed by the Hyundai N.

Hyundai Motor will host a series of ‘Track Day’ circuit experience events, providing local customers with the opportunity to drive high-performance N-branded vehicles on the track. Additionally, daily and monthly test drives will be conducted through the ‘N Lounge’ in Shanghai, the first N-only experience hub outside of Korea.

Hyundai Motor will expand its offline channel ‘N Space+’ dedicated to selling N models, as well as ‘N Garage,’ a tuning shop specializing in N. Furthermore, the company plans to open a Hyundai N experience space called ‘N City Shanghai,’ increasing contact points with local customers.

To foster motorsports culture among N-brand customers in China, Hyundai Motor will initiate the One-Make Race, a race series in which participants can compete using a race car based on the new ELANTRA N. Also, Hyundai N will continue participating in the TCR China championship, aiming to achieve the same success as last year’s driver and model champion.

In addition, Hyundai N will host the Hyundai N eSport series in China, a global online motorsports competition. The final will be held in Beijing in the second half of the year, following last year’s event in Shanghai.

The all-new SANTA FE and new TUCSON strengthen Hyundai Motor’s SUV lineup in China

At the Beijing Auto Show, Hyundai Motor also introduced the all-new SANTA FE and the new TUCSON to strengthen the company’s SUV lineup, joining the strategic Chinese model, MUFASA, that launched a year ago.

The all-new SANTA FE comes five years after the release of the fourth-generation model in the Chinese market in April 2019. The company plans to launch it in the second half of the year.

The all-new SANTA FE stands out with its strong presence, long wheelbase and distinctive silhouette characterized by a wide tailgate.

It features the iconic H light design, H motif’s front bumper and a bold roofline that emphasizes its grand presence. Furthermore, the SUV offers a spacious and enjoyable living space that allows passengers to embrace outdoor life at any time. The large tailgate space, designed with a terrace concept, can be utilized in various ways to accommodate passengers’ lifestyles.

In addition, Hyundai Motor introduced the new TUCSON, which the company plans to launch in the first half of the year. Notably, the new Tucson has been tailored to meet the preferences of Chinese customers who favor larger vehicles. It features a 30 mm expanded length, which allows a spacious interior with 4,670 mm of length and a 2,755 mm wheelbase, enhancing its market appeal.

With SANTA FE, TUCSON and MUFASA, a strategic compact SUV launched in China in June last year, Hyundai Motor aims to cater to the diverse demands of Chinese consumers through its expanded SUV lineup.

New models, high-performance N and advanced hydrogen technology on display

At the Beijing Auto Show, Hyundai Motor is showcasing its competitive lineup in an exhibition space that spans 1,208 square meters and features zones for new models, Hyundai N and the company’s hydrogen technology capabilities.

The New Model Zone spotlights the IONIQ 5 N, IONIQ 5 N Drift Spec, the all-new SANTA FE and the SANTA FE XRT concept. Also on display are mass-produced models including the SONATA launched in China in March, the SONATA N-Line, the PALISADE SUV, and the new TUCSON.

The Hyundai N Zone showcases a range of N models, including vehicles like the ELANTRA N1 Cup Car, ELANTRA N and N Vision 74, and specialized N Performance Parts.

The zone also features the N Racing Simulator that allows visitors to experience the dynamic driving feeling and technology of high-performance N vehicles.

In the Hydrogen Technology Zone, Hyundai Motor presents its ‘HTWO Grid’ solution which combines the capabilities of Hyundai Motor Group's affiliates to encompass all stages of the hydrogen value chain, production-storage transportation-utilization. As a customized comprehensive hydrogen energy solution, it can be tailored to the needs of different users. The zone also exhibits the W2H (Waste-to-Hydrogen) diorama and hydrogen fuel cell EV NEXO’s China model, showcasing the conversion of hydrogen fuel cell systems and organic wastes into hydrogen, highlighting the company’s commitment to eco-friendly mobility.

Also, during the Beijing Auto Show, Beijing Hyundai signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited (CATL) to cater to China’s New Energy Vehicle (NEV) market and enhance Hyundai Motor’s competitiveness in electrification in China.


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