11.06.2021 Press release

Hyundai Motor announces leadership changes in key European markets

  • Hyundai has announced changes to its leadership teams in Germany, France and the Netherlands
  • The change is part of Hyundai’s aim to be even more customer centric and market focused
  • The new appointments underline Hyundai’s commitment to the region

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Hyundai Motor has made changes to its top management teams in three key European markets: Germany, France and the Netherlands. Former President of Hyundai Motor Germany Sukwon Kim takes on a new assignment at Hyundai Motor Company. Wang Chul (Willliam) Shin, former President of Hyundai Motor France, replaces him as President of Hyundai Motor Germany. Lionel French Keogh, Managing Director of Hyundai Motor France, becomes President of the same subsidiary. Hyundai Motor Netherlands renews its top management by appointing JP Lee as President and Tjalling Hollander as Managing Director.

Sukwon Kim leaves Hyundai Motor Germany for Hyundai Motor Company

Sukwon Kim joined Hyundai Motor Poland in January 2017 and moved to Hyundai Motor Germany in December 2019. He has contributed to both companies sales success and with their accelerated transformation to become more customer centric organizations. During the last 12 months, he has overseen Hyundai’s growing presence as a leading EV brand in the German market.

Wang Chul Shin moves from Hyundai Motor France to Hyundai Motor Germany (effective 1st July)

Wang Chul (William) Shin joined Hyundai Motor France as President in January 2019. Under his leadership, engagement and contribution, Hyundai has further developed in France, improving its position in the passenger car market and capitalizing on the growing interest in low and zero emission vehicles.

Wang Chul Shin

Lionel French Keogh steps up as new President of Hyundai Motor France (effective 1st July)

Lionel French Keogh, was appointed Managing Director of Hyundai Motor France in June 2014, Over the past seven years, Lionel built a strong partnership with the French Dealer network, allowing HMF to continuously increase market share from 0.8% to 2.2%, while accelerating the sales of low and zero emission vehicles.

Lionel French Keogh

New top management at Hyundai Motor Netherlands

As of 1 June, Tjalling Hollander is the new Managing Director of Hyundai Motor Netherlands. With his arrival next to the recently newly appointed President JP Lee, the management of the Dutch importer is complete again.

Tjalling brings more than 25 years of automotive experience to Hyundai. His early career was with a number of large dealer holdings in The Netherlands and Switzerland. His most recent role was Country Director Netherlands at Nissan.

Left: JP Lee Right: Tjalling Hollander

With the renewal of the top management in three of our key markets in Europe, Hyundai will further develop its focus on providing customer centric mobility solutions. I am sure that the new leadership will further extend the great work of their predecessors and enhance Hyundai’s success in Europe.

Michael Cole President and CEO of Hyundai Motor Europe


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