25.11.2019 Press release

CRADLE Start-Ups @ #NextAwaits Tel Aviv: MDGo

Quick facts:

  • Theme: Electronics, Intelligent Systems, Connected Vehicles
  • Year founded: 2017
  • Development stage: Initial Sales
  • Locations: Israel
  • Business model: SW Solution / B2B
  • Current funding: Raised 8m in Seed and CLA rounds
  • Main Investors: Bessemer Venture Partners, Volvo Tech Fund, Next Gear Ventures, Hyundai
  • Status with Hyundai: 1st PoC Collaboration with Hyundai Safety team. Exploring 2nd stage field test PoC

Press material

Building the bridge between Automotive and Healthcare

Building the bridge between Automotive and Healthcare

The context

Unfortunately, car crashes are here to stay. Although the crash itself lasts for only 100ms, its consequences can be felt for months or even years to come.

MDGo utilizes the vehicle’s existing sensors in order to provide a smooth and a seamless experience following a car crash. In the moment of a crash, whether mild or severe, MDGo cloud-based technology provides a comprehensive report for the occupants’ bodily injuries and vehicle damage. The medical report is then sent in 7 seconds to first responders for life-saving purposes. As a second step, the data set is sent to the insurance company and acts as an “insurance concierge” for a smooth and pain-free claim process.  

Following a car accident today, an injured passenger is an enigma both to the EMS and the trauma unit. Due to this fact, 32% of deaths are caused by evacuations to the wrong hospital, while 12% more is a result of a complete lack of information regarding the passenger’s status. According to the European Commission of transportation, 44% of car crash fatalities could have been saved if real-time information about the type and severity of their injuries existed.

The technology

MDGo has developed a software solution that virtually reconstructs a car accident and translates the data regarding velocity, angle of impact, etc. into medical insights to predict the driver and passengers’ injuries and car damage insights. This data is immediately shared with first responders, hospitals and insurance companies. This can decrease long-term morbidity, save rehabilitation expenses and reduce liability claims.

How it works

Trauma analysis via existing vehicle sensors and connectivity applications (dongle, telematics, e-call)


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