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VIDEO: “Not for spies, but for all”

Hyundai Motor recently launched a video campaign called “Not for spies, but for all” starring a character similar to James Bond to showcase the latest features available in its fleet of vehicles.
As a child growing up, you may have dreamed of driving the kind of gadget-laden car supplied to James Bond by his quartermaster Q in the 007 films. Well, thanks to advances in technology, it’s now possible to enjoy high-tech features in the latest Hyundai vehicles – and you don’t even need to be a secret agent. The following videos demonstrate how Hyundai is democratising the latest technology: not just for spies, but for all.

Welcome System

The first film is set a night time, and features a spy attempting to escape the enemy base by rushing to his Hyundai Tucson undetected. However, the Tucson boasts a Welcome System which can detects a driver’s approach when the proximity key comes into range, causing the light in the door handle to illuminate and the front lights to flash. The video ends with the spy being caught out – thanks to the Tucson’s advanced technology.

Cruise Control

The second video is called “Arrest the Boss” shows the spy clinging to the top of a Hyundai Tucson as he attempts to confront the driver. He manages to get partially into the car through the front window, but is thwarted as the driver kicks him out of the car, maintaining the car’s pace with foot-free Cruise Control. The Tucson’s Cruise Control system allows drivers to drive at speeds above 40 km/h without depressing the accelerator pedal.

Smart Trunk

The next video, “Rendez-vous”, follows on from the second film, as the spy arrives at a port location to meet a femme fatale in a Hyundai Elantra. The vehicle’s Smart Trunk then suddenly pops open, revealing the driver seen in “Arrest the Boss” tied up and attempting to escape. The Smart Trunk can be activated when the proximity key comes into range and automatically opens without having to press any buttons.


The fourth film is called “Run Away from the Enemy”, and focuses on the ECM (Electric Chromic Mirror) function and once again takes place at night. The spy is travelling in a Hyundai Tucson and is now in hot pursuit. After driving down a narrow road, he attempts to get the attention of the driver in front of him, who is behind the wheel of a Hyundai Elantra, by flashing his headlights. However, thanks to the Elantra’s ECM, the driver isn’t distracted by the brightness of the lights, which is bad news for the spy.
ECMs automatically controls the glare from the headlights of cars behind, and is automatically controlled by a sensor mounted in the rear-view mirror. The sensor detects the light level around the vehicle, and automatically adjusts to control the headlight glare from vehicles behind the car.

Seat Folding System

“Kidnap the Boss” is the title of the fifth film, which demonstrates how the versatile Seat Folding System of Hyundai vehicles works. The spy is sitting in the back of a car, and the boss he has kidnapped causes havoc by pushing the rear seats down from inside the boot.

Rear View Camera

The sixth film is called “Tail the Enemy” and features the spy attempting to pursue the enemy, who are driving a Hyundai Tucson, by foot in the dark. As he creeps up behind the SUV, the villains spot him as he appears in the Rear View Camera, which projects the rear view of the car onto the LCD multimedia screen on the dashboard. The Rear View Camera’s dynamic guidelines help to keep drivers on track, and this also helps ensure much more accurate parking and reversing.


“Beat the Enemy” is the seventh video, and it shows the spy in hot pursuit through a city’s side streets with a female companion. As they emerge onto a main road, a Hyundai Elantra suddenly pulls up, and one of the villains steps out. The spy readies himself for a fisticuffs, until four more mobsters emerge, demonstrating how deceptively spacious Hyundai vehicles can be – even “smaller” ones.

Parking Assist System

The final video is called “Find Out the Location”. The spy is parked by a picturesque river in a Hyundai Tucson, and receiving a message by telephone about the location of his family. After being warned he will only be told this information once, he suddenly hears a beeping noise, and misses the rest of the message. This sound is the Parking Assist System, informing him that someone is walking closely behind the car via audible feedback. This allows drivers to identify any obstacles behind their vehicle.


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