05.12.2016 Story

Are you part of Generation IONIQ? [VIDEO]

The digital revolution is bringing people who share a dynamic philosophy closer. They believe in the advantages of technology, and in creating a sustainable world. Hyundai calls them Generation IONIQ.
These people are creative, innovative, and challenge the status quo. Like them, Hyundai believes in technology, which is why it's created the only car with a choice of three electrified powertrains. The Hyundai IONIQ is for people who want performance, to save money, to live in cleaner cities, and want a car to match their lifestyle.

Owning an electric vehicle is all about a mindset, not an age group. So how can you tell if you’re part of Generation IONIQ? Over four million people have clicked on the Generation IONIQ Facebook video to find out.

Are you driven by the motivation of innovation?

The IONIQ will be available as a fully electric car, as a traditional petrol hybrid, or with a combination of petrol engine and electric plug-in all in one model type – the first of its kind in the world. This choice of technology means Generation IONIQ is not limited by choosing to drive an eco-friendly car. They are free to pick a powertrain to match their lifestyles which suits their needs and personalities.

Do you constantly challenge the status quo, looking for the new?

With performance on a par with conventionally-powered vehicles, the ability to charge at home, at work, and in the street, electric cars are now a viable alternative, and by offering affordable choice, the IONIQ democratises electric mobility. Press reviews have already confirmed the IONIQ as one of the best choices for hybrid or electric vehicles. With the ground-breaking Hyundai model, this new generation of drivers gets the absolute most in terms of performance, award-winning design, and cutting-edge connective technology.

Do you not only think smart, but act smart?

The generation that uses smartphones wants to use smart cars, which brake if you don’t look, keep their eyes on the road when you’re not, and watch where you can’t. With Autonomous Emergency Braking, Lane Keeping Assist System, Smart Cruise Control and Blind Spot Detection, the IONIQ thinks for you. These drivers also want to stay connected to the digital highway and with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, you are plugged in, even behind the wheel.

Do you dare to care, and try to build a better tomorrow?

The Hyundai IONIQ cares about the environment by offering lower fuel consumption and low to zero CO2 emissions. Organic materials are used in the door soft touch panels and armrests while the hybrid engine greatly reduces the noise produced while driving.

In tune with the digitised lives of Generation IONIQ, connected technology in the Hyundai IONIQ Electric syncs a smart device to an intuitive infotainment system but the car itself charges as fast as a smartphone. In fast mode, 80% of IONIQ's lithium battery is charged in just 23 minutes. The IONIQ is also complemented by its own Augmented Reality app.

For artistic types, IONIQ's sleek award-winning design is driven by advanced aerodynamics - designed to be both efficient and beautiful.

And the digital marketing strategy for the IONIQ is just as innovative, with a new way of storytelling with the IONIQ hub. Like Generation IONIQ, Hyundai knows that progress is a never-ending process.


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