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As Hyundai Motor Europe continues to ramp up its efforts across the European markets, follow it on its journey to becoming a major player in Europe’s automotive industry.

Dive into monthly, quarterly, biannual, and yearly sales numbers. Read about record sales figures and market share results. Meet the best-selling models and see how the brand competes.

Latest news

18.04.2018 Press release

Hyundai makes a fast start in Europe in 2018: Best quarter in history

Hyundai Motor has started 2018 with its best ever first-quarter result in Europe, achieving a 7.5% sales increase compared to the same period in 2017.

17.01.2018 Press release

Third consecutive record year for Hyundai Motor in Europe

Hyundai Motor has just finished another record year. The most successful year of Hyundai Motor in Europe accounted for sales totalling 523,258 new registrations.

19.10.2017 Press release

Hyundai Motor deeply rooted into European economy

Hyundai Motor has again proved its worth in the highly competitive European automobile industry.

17.10.2017 Press release

Heading to a third consecutive record year for Hyundai

The first nine months of 2017 with sales up by 3% on to the same period in 2016 were a further success story for Hyundai Motor Europe.

14.07.2017 Press release

Hyundai achieves best first half-year result in Europe

Hyundai Motor’s car sales in Europe continued to grow in the first six months of 2017.


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