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15.08.2018 Story

How do self-driving cars work?

Cars that can drive themselves have started to appear on roads around the world, and fully-automated vehicles are set to become the norm in coming years. So how do self-driving vehicles work?

30.07.2018 Story

Hyundai NEXO: how Fuel Cell vehicles promote a greener future

From food we eat, to packaging we use and the cars we drive, people are more environmentally-conscious than ever. With no harmful emissions, Fuel Cell vehicles are attractive to today’s eco-warriors.

16.07.2018 Story

How do electric cars work?

Research has shown that electric cars are cheaper to own and run than petrol-fuelled cars in countries like the UK, US and Japan. These lower costs are a key factor driving surging electric car sales.

19.03.2018 Story

Six premium car features now available in city cars

In the past, there was a wide gulf between the features of a luxury car and their smaller, everyday counterparts. However, car manufacturers are increasingly equipping city cars with upscale items.

19.01.2018 Story

Hyundai's BlueDrive technology explained

To pass on an environment characterised by clean air and fuel-efficient/zero emissions vehicles, Hyundai Motor has created the BlueDrive strategy. Here's how it works.


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