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21.12.2017 Story

Hyundai Europe Newsroom’s top 10 articles of 2017

Over the past twelve months, Hyundai Motor has unveiled a number of new models and introduced innovative technology to its cars, while the Hyundai Motorsport team finished second in the 2017 WRC.

07.11.2017 Story

VIDEO: Working at Hyundai Motor Europe

Hyundai Motor aims to be the number one Asian car brand in Europe by 2021. In these videos, Hyundai Motor Europe employees discuss their experiences working with this ambitious company.

18.10.2017 Story

“The right mindset is more important than simply having knowledge”

Bas Kasteel is Vice President Customer Service at Hyundai Motor Europe, responsible for after-sales.

28.09.2017 Story

"We have huge potential to strengthen Hyundai in Europe and globally"

Raf Van Nuffel is Head of Product Marketing and Pricing at Hyundai Motor Europe, and has seen a significant ramp up of product launches since joining in 2010.

22.09.2017 Story

On the Road to 2021 and beyond: Careers at Hyundai Motor Europe

If you take up a career at Hyundai Motor Europe, you will be joining one of the fastest growing car manufacturers in the world with record sales and growing brand presence on the continent.


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