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29.12.2016 Story

A brief history of environmentally-friendly cars

Although electric cars and hybrids have only started to become widely used in the last decade, the history of eco-friendly vehicles actually dates right back to the invention of the automobile itself.

26.12.2016 Story

What the IONIQ campaign film is about

Where does true innovation come from? The Hyundai IONIQ range is a whole new generation of electric cars offering solutions to the challenges of future mobility.

20.12.2016 Story

A weekend with the Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell

We recently handed keys to a Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell to our Hamburg-based blogger David for the weekend. The green German city has four hydrogen filling stations, with another due to open next year.

15.12.2016 Story

Charging points in all new homes: why mobility is going electric

Refueling infrastructure is already changing and the availability of charging technology for electric cars could be set for a substantial boost in Europe.

05.12.2016 Story

Are you part of Generation IONIQ? [VIDEO]

The digital revolution is bringing people who share a dynamic philosophy closer. They believe in the advantages of technology, and in creating a sustainable world. Hyundai calls them Generation IONIQ.


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