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10.02.2017 Story

Snowdrifts & black ice: how to handle extreme driving conditions

A combination of winter driving advice, active safety features and must-have accessories will keep you safe and sound and ensure your car is well protected from the elements.

26.10.2016 Story

Car safety: Only trust your own sensors

As in-car technology advances and driver-assisting systems like lane departure warnings become the norm, you might wonder why we now need automatic safety features having lived so long without them.

02.08.2016 Story

Introducing Hyundai Safety Team™

Hyundai’s various safety technologies work together as a team to help drivers avoid collisions. Impeccably engineered, this new level of preventive safety keeps you one step ahead on the road.

13.07.2016 Story

Another set of eyes: How does blind spot detection work?

‘Eyes on the road’ is the mantra of every safety-conscious driver but when changing lanes or turning, there are parts we just can’t see. And that’s where car blind spot detection systems come in.

22.12.2015 Story

The Seven Biggest Winter Driving Sins

As the weather in Europe turns increasingly wintry, Hyundai Motor presents some advice for driving on snowy roads and in challenging conditions. Be sure to avoid these seven winter driving sins.


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