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28.11.2017 Story

Car features that make long-distance travelling more comfortable

Hyundai has packed plenty of features into its cars to keep your comfort levels at maximum on any long distance journey.

11.10.2017 Story

VIDEO: “Not for spies, but for all”

Hyundai Motor recently launched a video campaign called “Not for spies, but for all” starring a character similar to James Bond to showcase the latest features available in its fleet of vehicles.

09.10.2017 Story

Smart technology and the growing importance of car cybersecurity

In the next five years around 250 million connected vehicles will take to the world’s roads. Smart systems will be used for everything from safety to navigation, making strong cybersecurity essential.

02.06.2017 Story

The story of steel: strengthening car safety

It’s hard to imagine a time when cars weren’t made almost entirely of metal. Before the 20th century, however, early automobile manufacturers based their designs on the wood-based horse and carriage.

15.05.2017 Story

Foot off the gas: are you ready to switch to cruise control?

Cruise control in our cars is designed to make the driving experience more comfortable, safer, and can even save fuel. So why do so many drivers underestimate it?


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