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06.07.2018 Story

How dual-clutch transmission works

To many drivers, the choice between manual and automatic transmission comes down to geographical location or personal preference. Modern dual-clutch offers the best of both worlds. How does it work?

06.02.2018 Story

The evolution of car headlights

When you view a car for the first time, you’re probably immediately drawn to the headlights. As well as being an important stylistic feature, headlights also help to define a car's character.

19.01.2018 Story

Hyundai's BlueDrive technology explained

To pass on an environment characterised by clean air and fuel-efficient/zero emissions vehicles, Hyundai Motor has created the BlueDrive strategy. Here's how it works.

28.12.2017 Story

How do turbochargers work?

Despite the exciting-sounding name, there's a more advantages to a turbocharged engine than just added power. Here's how it works.

06.11.2017 Story

How racing car technology influenced the future of commercial vehicles

Motor racing has had a big influence on the technology found in everyday cars, with factors like aerodynamic efficiency, handling and engine performance transferring to the vehicles we all drive.


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