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13.10.2017 Story

The evolution of gears: automatically smooth and fuel-efficient

When it comes to selecting a new car, gearboxes don’t rank highly on the list of factors that attract buyers. For many it’s only touched upon in the choice between manual or automatic transmission.

20.04.2017 Story

The science behind car suspensions

Car suspensions may seem to be a relatively simple, but they involve a number of crucial factors to ensure your car drives smoothly on the road. This is why suspensions are so crucial to safe driving.

08.11.2016 Story

All-wheel drive systems explained

If a friend told you they’d bought a new all-wheel drive vehicle and you’re not an uber-petrolhead, you might think you either misheard them or they meant ‘four-wheel drive’. So is there a difference?

07.10.2016 Story

The rise of the small turbo engine

Sometimes the little things make waves across the car industry. Proving that bigger isn’t necessarily better, manufacturers are producing more small turbocharged engines for petrol vehicles than ever.


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