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24.02.2017 Press release

Hyundai Light Commercial Vehicles showcased throughout Europe

2017 has started with a significant showcase of Hyundai Motor’s Light Commercial Vehicles at this year’s Brussels Motor Show and a showcase of the whole Hyundai LCV Range in Portugal.

16.02.2017 Press release

What can you expect from Hyundai in the near future?

More choice for electric mobility, and a new member of the i30 family. What else does Hyundai Motor have in store?

09.11.2016 Press release

IONIQ: 3 leading features you should know about [VIDEO]

The Hyundai IONIQ is the world's first car offering three electrified powertrains but that's not the only innovation. Delve deeper and discover cutting-edge technology and safety features.

04.11.2016 Press release

How active safety features enhance the driving experience

Modern cars like the Hyundai Santa Fe are equipped with a host of active safety features to keep road users safer and to offer more convenience for drivers.

10.10.2016 Press release

What happens in a car safety test?

​Car safety organisations run tests to determine a vehicle’s safety credentials. Each is designed to reflect real-world accidents as much as possible. But what goes into a modern car safety test?

24.08.2016 Press release

What can electric cars learn from vacuum robots?

The Hyundai IONIQ already won awards for innovation and its design. But why do some technologies become widely accepted and other smart ideas fail?

29.07.2016 Press release

The spacious Hyundai i40 makes for a perfect family car

Thinking of making the step up from your first car? Boasting large cabin space, advanced safety features and fuel efficiency to save you money, the Hyundai i40 is the perfect family-friendly choice.

22.07.2016 Press release

Project IONIQ lab to drive future mobility innovation

Hyundai Motor has set out the structure, focus and first ideas of its newly-established Project IONIQ Lab in Korea.

03.06.2016 Press release

Spanish vocational students win Hyundai’s Skills for the Future Awards

The European final of the 2016 edition of the Hyundai Skills for the Future Award took place in Madrid on 1-2 June, where more than 100 students from 15 European countries competed.

09.03.2016 Press release

Fostering entrepreneurship and building skills - for Europe's future

Europe has been experiencing turbulent times but is living up to the challenges. Thomas A. Schmid, Chief Operating Officer, talks about fostering entrepreneurship among Europe's young people.