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All-New Hyundai NEXO – Driving performance

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NEXO is the perfect daily-use zero-emission vehicle – living up to Hyundai Motor’s development philosophy of optimum efficiency with zero sacrifice in driving performance.

Most advanced fuel cell powertrain with the best driving range

The Hyundai NEXO was designed with new vehicle architecture that benefits the car in many ways: the car is lighter, the battery is relocated to the trunk and the fuel cell system layout is improved. The fuel cell powertrain is lighter and has improved packaging. It achieves a maximum power output of 120 kW (163 PS) and a torque of 395 Nm. NEXO accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 9.2 seconds and reaches a class best top speed of 179 km/h.
The eco-friendly fuel cell powertrain boasts an increased rate of hydrogen utilisation and component efficiency. This results in the world’s best system efficiency of 60 per cent with a fuel consumption of 0.84 kg per 100 km. The All-New NEXO has the best driving range of 666 km (under current WLTP testing) / 756 km (NEDC) – better than any other fuel cell or electric car. This range is comparable to that of an internal combustion engine and allows drivers to travel long distances.
The newly developed vehicle platform integrates three identical tanks with a volume of 52.2 litres of hydrogen per tank, resulting in a world-class storage density and higher fuel capacity. Despite the higher storage capacity, the All-New NEXO takes only five minutes to refuel.
Designed to handle extreme temperature and environments, the NEXO will cold start even when the outside temperature drops to 30 degrees Celsius below zero in an industry-leading 30 seconds.
A highly durable membrane electrode catalyst and new drive control technology give the NEXO outstanding and unprecedented durability that is on a par with an internal combustion engine vehicle: at least 10 years and 160,000 kilometres.

Effortless electric driving

A special feature of the All-New NEXO is the shift-by-wire operation module which enables an intuitive operation of the electric powertrain. The system allows engaging gears and the electric parking brake by the simple push of a button.
An adjustable regenerative braking system allows the driver to adjust the intensity of the regenerative braking by using the paddle shifts behind the steering wheel. The system recuperates additional energy when possible.

Improved steering and suspension

By integrating the multilink rear suspension the All-New NEXO has an improved suspension geometry for a smoother and more comfortable ride while enhancing handling.
To improve steering responsiveness, NEXO features a higher gear box ratio of 58 mm (plus 4 mm compared to the ix35 Fuel Cell).

Improved body stiffness

The strong and light body enhances the dynamic performance and increases passenger safety by using 56 per cent high-strength steel.
With the application of more high strengths steel, body stiffness is improved by 30 per cent compared to the ix35 Fuel Cell. The higher torsional stiffness reduces body roll and ensures a better handling of the car.

Fuel cell vehicles purify the air as they drive

Fuel cell electric vehicles, just like battery-powered electric vehicles, do not emit particulates. A special benefit is that that they also filter and purify the air as they drive. The NEXO reduces fine dust pollution by that of two diesel cars travelling the same distance.
The efficient and durable high-performance air filter can filter micro-particulates smaller than particulate matter (PM) 2.5 in size. In short, when air filters through the NEXO, 99.9 per cent of particulates are purified and the instrument cluster displays how much you have contributed toward cleaning the environment around you.


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