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04.04.2022 Press release

Hyundai Motor broadens its energy solutions to include Vehicle-to-Everything technology

Hyundai Motor is expanding its offer of energy solutions by developing Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) technology.

30.03.2022 Press release

Hyundai Motor Group to Collaborate with Aramco and KAUST on New E-fuel Development to Support Clean Mobility

Hyundai Motor Group announced today that it has agreed with the Saudi Arabian Oil Company and King Abdullah University of Science and Technology to jointly research and develop an advanced fuel for an ultra lean-burn, spark-ignition engine.

22.02.2022 Press release

Emission-free mobility: Hyundai’s Charge myHyundai to enable customers to charge using green energy

Hyundai Motor has announced that it is integrating green energy into Charge myHyundai.

08.02.2022 Press release

Hyundai’s Mocean mobility arrives in the Netherlands with residential car-sharing

Following successful market introductions in the UK and Spain, Hyundai Motor is now bringing its global mobility brand Mocean to the Netherlands.

25.01.2022 Press release

Dedicated IONITY packages for Hyundai customers in Europe

As a shareholder of IONITY, Hyundai Motor is offering two IONITY packages to its customers in Europe with reduced charging rates.


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