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Electrified powertrains. Zero emissions vehicles. Urban Air Mobility. Hyundai Motor is not just an automaker; it is a leader in future mobility.

Read about what Hyundai is doing to innovate and create new solutions to democratise high-quality, safe, and environmentally friendly mobility.

Latest news

03.01.2019 Press release

Hyundai ‘Elevate’ Walking Car Concept creates a new vehicle category

At CES 2019, Hyundai will present a totally new vehicle concept. This vehicle combines the power of robotics and EV technology to take people where no vehicle has been before.

24.12.2018 Press release

Hyundai Reveals World’s First Smart Fingerprint Technology to Vehicle

Hyundai Motor Company announced the world’s first smart fingerprint technology that allows drivers to not only unlock doors but also start the vehicle.

15.11.2018 Press release

Hyundai Partners with Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Startup 'Top Flight'

Hyundai today announced a strategic partnership with Top Flight, a leading startup in hybrid-electric unmanned aerial vehicle technologies.

18.09.2018 Press release

Hyundai invests into WayRay to develop holographic AR navigation

Hyundai today announced a new strategic investment into Swiss deep-tech startup WayRay AG to expedite the development of holographic augmented reality navigation system for future vehicles.

09.01.2018 Press release

Hyundai Integrates Home, Health & Mobility with New Technology at CES

Hyundai Motor will highlight new technology concepts at CES 2018, all focused on connecting future technology with evolving mobility solutions.


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