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At Hyundai Motor, we aspire to build a “Hydrogen Society”, where technology progresses for the betterment of humanity and the environment. Through this vision, we’ve introduced a zero-emissions vehicles like NEXO, an SUV that purifies polluted air and only emits clean water while driving. We’re creating a paradigm shift using eco-friendly hydrogen power to proactively fight against climate change.

Together, we are creating true progress for humanity. Introducing the world’s first mass-produced hydrogen-powered heavy duty truck, XCIENT Fuel Cell.

Latest news

17.06.2021 Press release

Fuel Cell Generator by Hyundai Motor Group’s HTWO brand to Power World’s First Electric Touring Car Racing Category

Hyundai Motor Group announced today that its dedicated world-leading hydrogen fuel cell system brand, HTWO, will make its motorsports debut, providing its fuel cell generator to the ETCR category.

04.06.2021 Press release

Discovery Channel Documentary ep.3 | The thrill

In the third episode of A Better Way, Bertrand Piccard takes a trip to Monte Carlo, the spiritual home of motorsport and home to one of the most celebrated street racing courses in the world.

25.05.2021 Press release

Hyundai Motor Upgrades Design and Performance of XCIENT Fuel Cell Truck for Global Expansion

Hyundai Motor Company today released images of its newly upgraded XCIENT Fuel Cell, the world’s first mass-produced, heavy-duty truck powered by hydrogen.

28.04.2021 Press release

Discovery Channel Documentary ep.2 | The reality

In this episode, we follow Bertrand Piccard to Gösgen, a small town in the heart of Switzerland that is leading the energy revolution. Gösgen is the epicentre of a new business case that aims to make hydrogen mobility a daily reality, starting with fuel cell trucks in the commercial transport industry.

15.04.2021 Press release

Science YouTuber Jacob Beautemps portrays hydrogen solutions for H2U

Jacob holds a Master of Education in Physics and Social Sciences from the University of Cologne where he is now studying for his PhD.


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