At Hyundai, we believe teamwork is the key to success. This is why we've partnered with individuals and organisations around Europe to help us realise our vision of Progress for Humanity.

From start-ups to NGOs, innovators to local governments, brand ambassadors to artists and cultural institutions, and more - find out more about Hyundai's partnerships and how we're working together to make the world a better place.

Latest news

15.09.2021 Press release

OCI Solar Power, CPS Energy and Hyundai Motor Group agree to enter negotiations to test an innovative way to store energy

OCI Solar Power, CPS Energy and the Hyundai Motor Group signed a Memorandum of Understanding to test recycled electric vehicle batteries for solar energy storage.

02.09.2021 Press release

Hyundai Motor presents MMCA Hyundai Motor Series 2021 with Moon Kyungwon and Jeon Joonho

Hyundai Motor Company today announced the opening of the MMCA Hyundai Motor Series 2021 exhibition with the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea.

24.08.2021 Press release

Hyundai Motor supports Healthy Seas with Newcastle dive to recover abandoned fishing nets

Hyundai Motor Europe has activated its European partnership with ocean conservation organisation Healthy Seas to combat ocean pollution, nurture sustainable marine ecosystems, and support a circular economy.

17.08.2021 Press release

Hyundai Motor Group launches ‘EnableLA’ to assist people with mobility barriers in Los Angeles

Hyundai Motor Group announced today the launch of EnableLA, a new universal mobility service to assist people with mobility barriers in Los Angeles, California.

04.08.2021 Press release

Hyundai expands new Mocean Subscription service to the UK

Following the successful launch of Mocean Subscription in Spain, Hyundai Motor has announced the service’s expansion into the UK.


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