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Hyundai at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show - how the media reacted

Hyundai Motor gave three new cars their public debuts at Messe Frankfurt for the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show as the world’s media watched on: the i30 N, the i30 Fastback and the All-New KONA.
The biennial Frankfurt International Motor Show - or the Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung (IAA), as it is also known - is one of the major highlights of the auto industry calendar, featuring world premieres, new generation models and a glimpse into the future with the latest technological advancements. From 14 September to 24 September, automakers from around the world will showcase their latest offerings to journalists, industry experts and members of the general public.
Following the public debuts of the i30 N, i30 Fastback and All-New KONA, the world’s press have delivered their verdict. Here’s what they have said.

i30 N

1. UK publication Auto Express praised the i30 N’s power compared to its rivals: “Hyundai’s new entrant onto the hot hatch scene outguns the 242bhp Golf GTI Performance pack in terms of sheer power, while the i30 N boasts a performance pack of its own, which turns the wick up to 271bhp.”
2. Meanwhile, Germany’s Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung had warm words for the i30 N, particularly the sound of its exhaust and its sporty features: “A good sound on the i30 N is the two-lobe exhaust system, the elegant appearance of which is matched by 19-inch wheels, and in the interior, Hyundai also shows a flair of sportiness.”
3. Spain’s MotorZeta also praised the i30 N’s sportiness. “The i30 N grabs the silhouette of the i30 and redesigns it to create a more aggressive and sporty vehicle thanks to its huge air intakes in the front that form a very muscular and low bump”.
4. Autopista.es, also from Spain, praised the i30 N as "a very complete sports car", going on to say it is "a highly recommended car to use both in the day-to-day routine and for an exciting day at the circuit."

i30 Fastback

5. Autopista.es also praised the i30 Fastback for being a valuable new member of the i30 family. "The original Hyundai Fastback version adds more variety and practicality to the range of the Hyundai i30".
6. Italy’s Motorionline highlighted the “stylish” i30 Fastback’s sporty credentials: “the i30 Fastback pays homage to its name with a slim and sporty line thanks to a decidedly contoured profile, elongated front, sloping roof, tapered belt line and rear featuring an unparalleled rear window design and the uprights.”
7. German publication Heilbronner Stimme described the i30 Fastback as a “dynamic five-door coupe, and reported on how the i30 range demonstrated Hyundai’s success in Europe, saying that the brand models are “excellently processed and offer a lot of value for money”.

All-New KONA

8. French publication Auto Plus published testimonials about the All-New KONA from three readers. The first, from start-up boss Christian, praises the vehicle for embracing innovative in-car technology. “Hyundai had a very good idea! The Kona has an induction charger that keeps phones charged. With it, you can finish charging the smartphone on a flat surface with the batteries lying flat.”
9. Italian website Ansa Motori labelled the All-New KONA “the star at the Korean brand’s stand”, praising the car’s versatility and exterior design: “a car designed to tackle both the urban jungle and the out-of-town excitement, born on a completely new and unprecedented platform and featuring attractive lines”.
10. Meanwhile, another Italian site, alvolante.it, described the All-New KONA as “a model of great prospect”, and one that is equipped with “a youthful car body”.


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