25.11.2019 Press release

Key Messages for Journalists

  • Hyundai is no longer simply a car manufacturer – we are thinking beyond mobility and transforming ourselves into a smart mobility solution provider.
  • Harnessing both digital and automotive worlds will radically change the landscape of future mobility.
  • Many analysts predict that in the future car OEMs will be able to make up to 10 times more revenue from market services than from the initial car sale.
  • Hyundai CRADLE has global innovation hubs in five cities worldwide: Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv, Berlin, Seoul and Beijing.
  • By incubating start-ups through CRADLE, Hyundai is investing in innovation and supporting the brightest minds of today as they develop the solutions of tomorrow.
  • Hyundai works with young, innovative partners to deliver the best possible products and services to its customers.
  • Hyundai’s products and services are always up to date with the latest technical possibilities.
  • CRADLE highlights Hyundai’s future-oriented thinking regarding the latest technologies and research.
  • Digital companies, battery suppliers and suppliers of completely new profit models determine the automotive life of the future today more than the latest engine developments or sensitive chassis tuning with lightweight components.
  • Attention from established industries seems to have inspired a yes-we-can attitude among young professionals in Israel.

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Key Messages for Journalists


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